Deemed as one of the poshest weekend brunch places in town, Colony at the @ritzcarltonmilleniasingapore definitely lives up to its fame.
The Ice Bar, thoughtfully situated beside their Live Egg Station, serves up a wide variety of seafood, specially curated for crustacean-enthusiasts: Alaskan King Crabs, Snow Crabs, Half Shell Scallops, Flower Clams, White Clams, Live Prawns, Black Mussels, Lobster Claws, Langoustines and Yabbies.
This Lobster Egg Benedict? It’s the best of both Live Stations. Served on a thick buttered brioche with sautéed spinach and creamy hollandaise, the briny Lobster helps bring the whole dish together. It’s the one item on their buffet no one should miss!