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I am not a risk taker so I like that my waffles and ice cream be of consistent standards when I visit a cafe (especially since they don't come cheap in both price and calories ). The promotion for 3 scoops of ( huge servings ) of gelato and a waffle was at SGD 12.90. For 2 scoops and a waffle , it's is at SGD 9.90. The gelatos were so intense in Flavours and the texture was perfect ( creamy but not cloying). I had a taste of the whisky chocolate , coffee and the baileys ( since there were not extra charges for the alcoholic gelatos , might as well ). Unbelievably , the waffles were also one of the best I have eaten ( and it is very hard to please me when it comes to desserts ) . Crispy and having a nice ratio of the " airiness " and " dough-iness" . I don't like my waffles too airy and too dense . So this was a winner for me .
It was a nice touch to see that some blueberries were also topped on the waffle and you may be pleased to know that you could self serve with toppings of granular peanuts which are set at the utensils counter .

Ordinary , you would pay much much more at a cafe and probably get less less in taste and value .
Skip the ambience and go for the substance :)

Note that this is a promotional price so be sure to check before you order .