Remember my last post about their pasta? Well look who decided to come back to try other things. Once again, even though it was my second time here, they did not have pancakes. Honestly tho, at this point, are you perhaps using instant pancake batter?

So I ended up getting a Smoked Salmon Hollandaise (RM 11.90) and boy oh boy was I in for a ride.

2 things I can't eat on this planet - coffee and overcooked anything.

I love eggs, I really do. But an overcooked egg. Poachdd egg, is something I will not forgive. At pierce, the yolk does flow out, but if the amount of yolk equivalent to a few drops you're looking for then yes. The hollandaise can't really be called a hollandaise really, it's just yolk. The egg yolks, to my horror were overcooked and cooked with way too much vinegar that the whole thing tasted like a vinegar salad. With egg.

Excuse me while I whip up a quick pasta to soothe my sad tastebuds.