Subang Jaya Noms

Subang Jaya Noms

Welcome to this small territory of mine. Here you'll find places I've been to, recommendations and places I probably will never visit again ^^
Esther Seletyn Chai
Esther Seletyn Chai

Situated in the bustling area of SS15 Subang Jaya and also the newest competitor to the Subang Jaya burger scene is Spade's Burger. Spade's Burger specializes in Pork burgers but also serve beef, chicken, and non-meat burgers.

For the bacon lover, try the Burger of Steel. It's made up of a pork patty, 4 types of bacon, bacon sauce, cheddar cheese and vegetables. All in between 2 charcoal buns. You can also make it a combo which will come with a side and drink. Personally, I highly recommend the pork nuggets and bacon sauce. The cheese sauce is not bad but I feel it's too heavy for something as rich as pork nuggets.

The burger itself was not very impressive. But that is perhaps I felt it was a little too heavy. The taste of everything else has been overpowered by the bacon and in the end it just feels like eating bread and bacon. The pork patty was super juicy as I tried it on another burger. However, it was totally overshadowed by the powerful flavours of the bacon and was unable to shine through. The buns were not as soft as Burgerlabs and they tasted a little dry.

I might try the Orgashroom next time. But for now it will be quite a while until my next visit.

Verdict: 6/10

Ok so I'm finally here. THE Naj & Belle which has been on my mind since forever (I do stay nearby after all).

Tiger prawn pasta is served with peeled prawns, cooked to I wouldn't say perfection since they were slightly overcooked; and an unpeeled prawn to... let you indulge in the joys of peeling your own prawn I suppose? Doesn't taste incredible. The pasta wasn't seasoned enough (except their huge ass kick of chili) and their basil leaves lacked flavour to have an impact of any sort on the pasta (basil leaves give that nice cut in the oiliness when it comes to aglio olio) so maybe that's something to work on.

Overall? Meh, not impressive. But it does give you a place for good photos.


Some of you may know Naughty Nuri's from its Desa Sri Hartamad branch. But fret not my fellow Subang-ians! Naughty Nuri has opened it's doors in SS15 courtyard (formally First Subang) and serves pork. Pork. And more pork. Oh and also, they are called Naughty for a reason... siew yoke salad? Yes please! Naughty Nuri's Signature Roast Pork Salad (RM 24.90) brings you sinful pleasure in the form of siew yoke and deep fried pork skin, and "but it can be healthy" assurance in the form of buttet head lettucr, hard boiled eggs and purpple cabbage in apple vinaigrette. Overall it's not something to shout about but if you want to uh... be healthy but not sacrifice your pork diet. This is the way to go.

Naughty Nuri's 1998 Signature BBQ Spare Ribs (RM 39.90) was another favourite on the table. Smokey, sweet, spare ribs with slightly charred bits, soft bones and a wedge of lime make it appetizing and the portion is big enough for sharing.

Beers and alcohol is also available on the menu if you feel like going "naughtier". Oh and not to mention they have a specialty "roast suckling pig"(RM 300) where they roast and entire suckling pig for you and do this dance thingy majiggy . The father says it's really good but I haven't had the chance to try it yet :(

All in all, Naughty Nuri's is your one stop pork station for all things pork. Throw in random dances (ala Johnny Rocket) and alcohol. Well you got yourself a place for company dinner nights

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Fun fact: did you know that Jibby n Co and Serai in Empire was owned by the same person? Well if you've enjoyed their foods thus far, there here to bring you another restaurant called Jibby Chow that was only in its second day of opening at the time of writing.

Located in SS15 Courtyard (formerly known as First Subang SS15) right beside Rakuzen on the ground floor, Jibby Chow sports an urban look with lights and designs commonly seen in cafes. They serve what I would like to call "Chinese with a Twist" as they serve foods that are very Chinese-ey but are different from the conventional ones such as crab meat fried rice, lobster noodles, mongolian style lamb ribs and so on. They also serve some pretty common dishes such as roast half chicken, stir fried kailan and asparagus, salted egg bitter gourd and minced meat tofu.

The menu for the nice consisted of Mongolian style Lamb Ribs (shown in pic), roasted half chicken, minced meat tofu and chinese style red bean pancakes and durian ice cream for dessert. Foods and meant for sharing and they serve basmati rice instead of the normal jasmine rice as the owner said that basmati rice has less starch and she is concerned with the health of the customers as well.

Our favourite dish of the night is undeniably the Mongolian styled Lamb Ribs (RM 48). While I wouldn't say the ribs were tender till they fall off or anything of the sort (in fact, use the knife they give you... It'll take some mouth exercise if you just chew the entire thing- from experience) but the flavour is definitely on point. I have not had Jibby n Co but I have had Serai and I can say I do enjoy Serai's food. Slightly sweet, tangy, a little heat and a little resemblance to char siew sauce, each rib packs a huge flavour punch and just makes you want to go back the next day.

However, the strong flavours might be a little heavy and I couldn't eat more than one rib at a time 😂😂But if I ever wanted something other than the typical western lamb chop ir grilled lamb or roasted lamb, you know where I'll be heading next! Note: will change location once Jibby Chow is on the map 😂😂


Speed review: Yes another Souka post! And what's more, it's not cake!! Souka offers some nicely done calamari rings for RM 10. Cripsy on the outside, not overcooked on the inside. Hey it's a little expensive compared to potatoes but the size of the rings are huge! If I could afford it I would eat em up like chips! 😭


Ok guys. I need to make a trip to Hong Kong. I need to know if it's supposed to taste like this. Fook Muun has just opened recently and is located beside Kar Heong in SS18. Upon sitting down, you're given the choice of eating either typical Chinese communal style or steamboat style. The owner seems to be from Hong Kong and we were told that the cook is also from Hong Kong. Don't really know if the steamboat experience would be different but I definitely didn't enjoy my dinner. We ordered salted egg squid, black pepper stir fried beef slices, garlic stir fried (qing chao) veggie, steamed egg as well as tofu. Once again, I don't know if they do it like this in Hong Kong but I wouldn't come back here ever again. Why? Well the salted egg deep fried squid didn't have a tinge of salted egg at all, rather it was wet (yes wet, not crispy) and tasted like butter. Our black pepper beef stir fry was sour and sweet and tasted like tomato beef more than black pepper. The steamed egg was cooked over too high a heat and the surface was all rough and looked like the surface of the moon. The tofu... Well it wasn't anything to shout about. It was basically firm white tofu with miced meat on top with soy sauce. I guess the only thing I could eat with the least complaints was the stir fried vegetables. The only upside? It's cheaper than wha you would get outside. All these with a rice each came to slightly over RM 70. So there you have it. Anyone lived in Hong Kong? Do Hongkees all eat their dishes like this?


Ojien (oyster omelette in hokkien) is an omelette that uses egg, starch, oyster as its base. Good ojien- at least to me- seems like a dish hard to find done right outside. Most people swear by Penang but really? 5 hour drive? Well Nanking in Taipan USJ sells nicely done ojien under one condition: go when no one or little people are present. We went on a rainy night (floods, whole day rain bleargh) and our ojien came out like I like it: crispy with juicy oysters big by Malaysian Ojien standards. Tho a friend that came with me said his ojien the previous night didn't taste as good so it might be a hit and miss kinda thing. Large goes for RM 17, Medium RM 13 and Small RM 10. Not a fan of their chili sauce tho. Maybe I should bring mine the next time 🙈


Tea and fashion comes together in Hype Concept Cafe, where the upper floor sells clothes and the lower floor sells tea, cakes and pastry. Located beside Coffea Coffee SS15, Hype Concept is a quiet place with hard to find parking.

Opened less than 2 months ago at the time of writing, Hype Concept is a nice place if you like taking pictures with minimalistic interior and huge glass doors and windows for natural light.

Knowing me, huhuhu~ I only go for Peach flavoured drinks if they are available and hence I got myself a Peach Sencha (RM 12). The tea came out bland. The scent is there but the taste is not there. It tastes just like... scented water. The Lamc Loco (RM 15) which is apparently pulled lamb in pastry. It's weird that they cut the pastry in half before tossing it into the oven to heat up cause it makes the meat inside dry like jerky.

Well tea doesn't really make me hyper and the food isn't all that, for a quiet place to chill and hangout, Hype Concept Cafe seems quite ok. Tho I wish parking was easier to spot here.


Han Woo Ri (한우리) shows little fame compared to the big bad sister Daore (다오래 - let all come) and of course, isn't as flashy as well ( read: bling bling lights). The place itself is also pretty quiet and you're greeted with attentive staff that tells you welcome in Korean and Thank you when you leave. Gimmicky, but meh, you can see the effort.

The place serves BBQ as well as individual dishes like bibimbap, jiggaes and other soupy stewy dishes. We (yes we) ordered some yang nyeom mok sal which is neck meat that is marinated in their god knows what yang nyeom sauce, norma bbq meat as well as kimchi jiggae (korean friend had to eat all these before she went back to aussie cause it's expensive there) and had gyelan-jjim (steamed egg - picture) as a complimentary dish. The side dishes were well made with the kimchi being pretty good.

The kimchi jiggae used well fermented kimchi, had tofu and meat in it which made it sour enough and had a good rich, flavourful broth base. Yes your kimchi has to be well fermented for that sour taste and in Korean stew cooking, it's all about the broth - good broth means good jiggae. And the steamed egg was well seasoned and topped with sesame oil and seeds which gave it a nice fragrance and taste. End with my beloved shikhye - a korean drink that is similiar to barley water here in Malaysia- to quench the fire.

All in all Han Woo Ri might not be as flashy as other Korean restaurants. But the food does speak for itself. Not the best out there, but it's pretty good for the Subang area.


Do you live life half-arsed? Well you shouldn't! Live life to the extreme like the chef's at The Hungry Hog! Located a few stops before Oregi, Fat Baby and quite some ways before Sangkaya, THH is no stranger to those who study in SS15 or live in the area. They specialize in pork dishes such as their Siew Yoke (roast pork) and pork chops and of course, pork burger. However when I visited for the first time today (Yes, staying in the area for so long and after the place has relocated once and renovated, only do I make my first visit), I notice they could be famous for another thing: going to the extreme. Flavour-wise.

I decided to post a picture of the mashed potatoes because that was, in my opinion the only thing not EXTREME! on the table today.

Yes, I will capitalize and end all my EXTREME!'s with an exclamation (!) mark.

The meatballs spaghetti (16.90 pre-tax) that came first was the sneak peek of what was to come. The pasta was overcooked to the EXTREME! and it was also salty to the EXTREME!. The meatballs were quite dry as well.

The three little pigs burger (RM 17.90 pre-tax) which I had, had bread buns dry to the EXTREME! but alright, give credit to the bacon and the patty.

The Heuvos Rancheros (RM 18.90 pre-tax) came with a salsa side that was spicy to the EXTREME! it almost sent me into shock. The main was not bad tho, a little too salty. I said a little cause compared to the pasta, this was fine.

Their mashed potatoes were good, skin and all gave it a good texture and the sauce was a little bland but you would think with all these EXTREME! flavours in everything else, this was a good thing.

Oh and everything sells out really fast. We arrived before 9 and things like the pork chop were all sold out. :(


While a four leaf clover is hard to find, maybe you can try your luck at the Fout Leaf Clover café (see what I did there?). A few stops away from Burgertory in SS15, Four Leaf Clover is a cafe serving pizzas, pastas, snacks, tarts, cakes, and of course, coffee and tea. I asked and they said the mozzarella cheese sticks were their best seller so duh. You go for their best seller.

The mozzarella cheese sticks were freshly made upon order and smelled lightly of deep fried onions (you know those used for garnish?) Must be the oil. Or the batter. I got the 5 stick one for RM 6.50 because... well it was my 3rd meal in 3 hours.

If you like cheese. Or cheese that smells lightly of onions you probably will like this.

If you like mozzerella cheese sticks and you don't want to go to sad ol' Pizza Hut. You'll like this.

If you want affordable mozzarella cheese sticks, you'll like this.

If you want your cheese sticks to appear at the snap of a finger, you won't like this.

Ps: baby flies were making me wave my hand around like I was hailing an imaginary taxi. So if you're annoyed by those, don't sit at the comfy couches.

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Ahoy in SS 15 should be well known by now. It has been going steady for quite a while I guess. My first time going there with me having a red velvet went ok. Not great, but ok. But hey, I heard they have mains too!!

So for the second time around, I decided to try their Hot and Sour Chicken Wrap set where you add on RM 5 for a cuppa, latte or americano getting the total bill at RM 19.00. The wrap set comes with a small bowl of mushroom soup, a side of a salad along with the wrap itself.

Their tortillia wraps were a little thicker compared to Subway's and the wrap itself, while juicy, was not overflowing with juices and sauces. You get a little pinch of heat but not enough to make you grab a bucket of ice. In fact, to some it would probably go unnoticed. The mint sauce at the side gives you a nice tangy and minty touch or you could just leave it there to be decoration. Personally, I actually find the wrap not bad. Loving the red, yellow and green peppers.

The mushroom soup was very creamy. But I'm spoilt that I like my mushroom soup thickened with potatoes (try it guise, it makes all the difference). People who don't prefer cream might not fancy this since it is quite creamy with a strong dairy taste. I personally get sick of greasy or heavy foods easily so I couldn't finish the bowl. Most of the components were blended finely with a few sliced mixed mushrooms here and there and the earthiness of the mushrooms and the creamyness of the cream gives a large contrast. Which may be a good or bad thing. Personally I would have preferred if they sweated out the mushroom's prior to adding in the soup. And I also got myself a mouthful of pepper (as in an undissolved clump) tho I guess perhaps I was unlucky today.

Salad was simple with lettuce, carrots, cherry tomatoes and Goma (japanese for sesame) sauce. The goma sauce doesn't drench the salad but also is enough to give you some sesame-ness with every bite.

Well this Hot and Sour Chicken wrap certainly doesn't make me burst in flames.

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I write reviews and stuff. And take pictures as a hobby

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