These stunning croissant cubes at Keong Saik Bakery is sure to catch anyone's eye. The geometric shape seems to defy food physics of pastries and it's all but a gimmick.

Having tried their Muah Chee Croissant Cube a while back, I've been itching to give their other flavour offerings a try - espcially their charcoal coloured Ondeh Ondeh cube. I love all things Ondeh Ondeh and this did not disappoint. Unlike your typical Ondeh Ondeh, the croissant cube oozes pandan pastry cream; a bright green hue that explodes from within once you break the cube into half. Topped with toasted dissecated coconut, you can find a little hint of mochi and gula melaka at the bottom of the cube as well - completing the entire Ondeh experience.

Their take on an Ondeh Ondeh cube is pretty out of the box (pun intended) and now it's probably my favourite variation of all their croissant cubes!

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