Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus

Patisseries, Confectioneries and all that sugar
Jeremy Holden
Jeremy Holden

Nothing like a couple of entremets to chase the Monday blues away. I've always heard of @dear.nesuto, not to mention that I've constantly head to Tras Street - hence it's such a wonder why it took me so long to finally try their gorgeous desserts!

I headed there on a quiet Friday afternoon and thanked my lucky stars how I managed to score the last Queen Ispahan. While they do have sliced cakes as well, I stuck to their pretty entremet range:

◾Queen Ispahan [$9+]
A valrhona inspiration raspberry bavaroise with lychee compote, rose opalys namelaka and raspberry sablée, this was one of my favourites from Nesuto. You can't go wrong with the delicious combination of raspberry, rose and lychee. Delicately soft and sweet, it literally melted in my mouth with each bite.

◾Poire [$9.2]
An entremet consisting of vanilla light mousse, pear compote, Amaretto namelaka, hazelnut chocolate sponge and chocolate sablée. Another highlight from Nesuto is the Poire. Subtle fruity hints paired with vanilla and a slight tang from the Amaretto makes this a winner in my book. I even ordered it twice - though it was because I attempted to lift it off the cake and failed miserably, ruining the first one in the process. (Ah what I do for the gram.)

◾Summer Passion [$10.2]
With coconut meringue, passionfruit bavaroise, banana compote, coconut "Malibu" creme and coconut sablée - this is sure to invoke the passion of Summer. I found the flavour combination of passionfruit, banana and coconut quite intriguing and refreshing. Sure, passionfruit and coconut are a matchmake in Heaven but the inclusion of banana made it quite unique - in a good way for sure!

There's still quite a number of entremets and even sliced cakes that I'm itching to try over at Nesuto! Their desserts are superb and I do wanna thank them for being so chill with my photography antics while at their cafe!

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Nothing like ringing in the festive holidays than a box of 8 festive Småkager from none other than @leckerbaer.sg! I've been wanting to try their Danish desserts for the longest time ever since they landed onto our shores - and it only took the opening of their second location at Keong Saik for me to finally try them!

Leckerbaer was founded in Copenhagen, Denmark and are known for their Småkager - traditional Danish butter cookies. Everyday, you get a selection of 8 to choose from and they have specially curated a few just for Christmas.

Flavours included are:
◾Orange & Chocolate
◾Ruby Chocolate

Having known Småkager are essentially cookies, I was surprised to find that a couple of them are more like a mini-cake instead. These petite gorgeous treats were heartbreaking to eat and they all tasted pretty good that I couldn't pinpoint a favourite. Perhaps Ruby Choc? No, Vanilla. No, Raspberry? No, Passionfruit. It's all too difficult to pick!

I'm glad I finally got to try the Småkagers from Leckbaer and their larger tarts/bakes are worth checking out as well. Now their open faced sandwiches are the only thing that's left for me to try so a second visit is in order!

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Apart from their famous Burnt Cheesecakes, standalone dessert shoppe @queic.singapore offers a couple other cheese related desserts as well.

This includes the oh-so-Instagrammable giant American Cheesecake Macaron. Sandwiched with creamy New York cheesecake filling and a citrusy compote of yuzu and orange - the fruity tang cuts through the cream cheese, making it well balanced.

A good alternative if you're looking for something less cheesy though nothing beats their OG Basque Burnt Cheesecake of course.

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Everyone knows the matcha powerhouse that is @hvala_sg - a place that combines both the delectable Japanese tea and the arts. I've popped by the different Hvala outlets here and there but I didn't make a proper visit to try out their gorgeous desserts until recently.

One of the entremets that caught my eye was their Mont Noir. It was a tough decision to pick between the Noir and the Matcha Mont Blanc variation but I went with the Noir in the end.

Filled with chantilly cream, sesame feuilletine, sesame chestnut paste and almond frangipane. The Earthy dessert checked off all my sesame boxes, with a subtle hint of sweetness. Compared to their Matcha offerings, this was much more tamed and definitely helped to cut through the richness if you're having any of their Matcha drinks/desserts.

I still feel like I've not fully explored the menu at Hvala and I'm definitely down to head back soon.

Oh dang, the team behind Olivia Restaurant has finally opened a specialty standalone cheesecake shoppe just a couple blocks away from their main branch! Featuring their famous Basque cheesecakes - which is touted to be one of the best in Singapore - it's no wonder why they decided to open @queic.singapore to fulfill all dem cheesecake needs.

It actually took me two visits to Quiec before I could finally get my hands on their signature burnt cheesecake as the 4" was sold out on my first trip. And oh Lord, it was definitely worth the wait. Making use of Valdeon blue cheese, the cheesecake has distinct hints of savoury yet intertwined with sweet.

With a delectable molten center and lightly torched top, the almond sable base paired wonderfully with the cheesy lava flow, adding a perfect crunch for texture. I would say it comes off more like a tart rather than a cheesecake and it's more apparent in the 4" - but it's so so good that I don't care either way. My mind was literally blown. The signature Olivia Burnt Cheesecake is also available in 6" and 8" for more molten cheesy goodness.

If you're looking for something less cheesy, the Gâteau Basque is a buttery almond tart/pie that is filled with rum infused vanilla pastry cream. It's another delicious dessert by Olivia not to be missed and it definitely helped to cut the richness from the cheesecake itself.

I've always wondered how good the cheesecake is from that episode of Friends where Chandler and Rachel were eating it off the floor - and the ones from Quiec is definitely the answer. So while the price is a little steep - it's worth paying for!

Not to mention that I've also finally made a reservation for @oliviarestaurant_sg itself and I can't wait to sink my teeth into the coveted signature cheesecake again!

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I've been wanting to try the pies from @elijahpies for ages! When they announced "The Happy Box" which consisted of 8 different flavours of their pie range - I hesisted no more and swooped in to make my order. Finallyyyy y'all.

The Happy Box included:
◾Hojicha Speculoos
A specially crafted exclusive for The Happy Box, the Hojicha Speculoos took me back to the many Hojicha Lattes I've had at Starbucks. Which is a good thing - strong Earthy hojicha paired with a Speculoos biscuit base. Yum.

◾Wild Berry Lavender
Their coveted signature pie flavour that is the Wild Berry Lavender - I was excited to try this one as it's literally what Elijah Pies is all about. The berries, yogurt and hint of lavender was sublime - though I wasn't a huge fan of the regular tart base. Perhaps it would fare better on a biscuit tart base.

◾Raspberry Ripple
This is my childhood right here. Growing up, I loved Raspberry Ripple ice-cream. And dang, with raspberry compote and cream cheese filling on a buttery biscuit - this definitely hit the spot and brought back the nostalgia.

◾Matcha Latte
I figured I would be sick of Matcha by now but this surprisingly ended up being one of my top favourites from the bunch!

◾Earl Grey Rose
Another delicious pie in my book, the Earl Grey paired perfectly with the subtle hints of rose. Topped with swiss buttercream, the pink pie crust also worked well with the entire ensemble.

Hard to go wrong with the simple chocolatety hazelnut goodness of Nutella. With a biscuit base, this was *chef kiss*.

◾Honey Chrysanthemum
While it looked as pretty as its Wild Berry counterpart, sadly this ended up being my least favourite of the bunch. I found the flavour to be a bit odd to be honest and I felt like it didn't taste like Chrysanthemum at all.

◾Pandan Coconut
I actually didn't fancy the Pandan Coconut as well. While it's a combination of flavours I love, it had a strong yet weird coconut aftertaste unfortunately.

Well, I'm so glad to have finally tried Elijah Pies. While there were some hits and some misses, it's still pretty good pie in my book - and oh so pretty! My heart is still with Windowsill Pies though. Oops.

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Well, when it was near le birthgiver's birthday, I decided to order an entire durian cake just for her as a indulgent treat! (She loves her durian after all.)

I was eyeing a couple durian cakes - including the one from Sinpopo but alas, I was in a rush and needed it the next day, hence I decided to go with @fourseasonsdurians eyecatching Charcoal Rosette Cake with layers of pure D24 durian puree inbetween soft egg sponge and covered in charcoal buttercream.

I've not had that many durian cakes in my life, but the one thing that stuck in my mind was how I hoped that any durian cake should be the epitome of durian galore. Four Seasons Durian's Charcoal Rosette Cake was pretty good, though I felt that it only scratched the surface of durian goodness and could definitely use more more more of that durian puree. I did like the amount of charcoal cream to cake ratio; though I must admit that if it was somehow infused with durian essence or flavour, it would put this cake on a whole other level. Not to mention, the blackness of the charcoal cream got everywhere and every thing it touched.

Of course, it's still a pretty good durian cake in it's own right and for the price, it's actually one of the more affordable durian cakes out there for it's size!

Lemuel Chocolate has reopened its doors to a spanking new space over at Star Vista! The bean-to-bar chocolate makers place an emphasis on quality, flavour and sustainability - roasting and churning out delectable chocolate treats right in front of your eyes to boot! @lemuelchocolate even sources and imports their quality cacao beans from farmers all over the world.

I was honoured to be invited to their soft launch/food tasting and got to try their numerous chocolate goodies! They were also generous enough to give us a box of their eye catching geometrical Bonbons! Well, I couldn't help myself and decided to buy an additional box - #ForTheGram!

These were the flavours:
◾Key Lime Pie
◾Lady Earl Grey
◾Popcorn Pecan
◾Pear [I think?]
◾Ondeh All Day
◾PB & J

I'm not usually one for Bonbons as I tend to shy away after seeing the price but boy I was missing out! It was also a little heart wrenching to pop these in your mouth as they're just too gorgeous to look at!

Each petite Bonbon packed a punch of flavour that literally exploded in your mouth. My favourite flavours would have to be their Ondeh All Day and the Key Lime Pie. Damn, now I want some more.

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Another new cafe that opened it's doors recently is none other than @glacier.sg. I just had to add them to my list of places to try after constantly seeing their food and locale on Instagram.

Decked out with a simplistic white interior with INS shelvings and furniture, the botanical clean look is sure to entice all dem Instagrammers - myself included.

While their Pandan Mochi Waffles seem to be the star of the show, I was getting a lil tired of waffles and decided (albeit a little hesistantly) to try something new and go for their babka instead. And of course, with two scoops of ice-cream cos I can and I will. The Matcha White Choc babka was divine, with swirls of the delectable sweet Earthy flavour in the baked bread. I'm not sure if they heated it up (cos I took a while to shoot it oops) but dang, it definitely should be to enjoy it thoroughly.

And of course, not wanting to get just 1, I got 2 scoops of ice-cream - Rose Lychee and Blue Pea Lemongrass. Both pretty good, though perhaps in my pursuit for the gram, they weren't the best flavours to go with the babka.

All in all, Glacier is a pretty nice addition to the Lavender cafe scene and I'll give their waffles a go next time perhaps.

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Sometimes you gotta have an obligatory cross section shot - especially when you're about to tuck into @tigerlilypatisserie 's Pistachio Marimo.

Consisting of housemade pistachio praline, pistachio frangipane and pistachio whipped ganache, damn this was so good I could just huff another down in a second.


The sister company to ice-cream shoppe @denzygelato, @shiopatisserie focuses on freshly baked tarts that makes use of only premium ingredients. Yes, premium y'all.

These impeccable tarts are literally baked and assembled a few hours prior to collection to ensure its optimum freshness.

Included in the box are:
◾Cheese Brûlée
Lemon sponge, cream cheese, mascarpone, brûléed sugar - One of my top favourites of the bunch, the cheese brûlée packed quite a punch with it's two cheeses and it's mix of slightly savoury with delectably sweet and sour.

◾Earl Grey Pecan
Almond sponge, pecan butter, earl grey cream - The smooth pecan butter worked wonders with the earl grey cream. The flavour combination was perfect in every way.

◾Lime Basil
Lime sponge, lime basil curd, white chocolate cream - The flavours of their lime basil tart was quite subtle, with an overpowering hint of basil. It actually reminded me of Sourbombe's Rhubarb Basil bombe to be honest.

◾Mont Blanc
Rum sponge, cassis coulis, chestnut rum mousse, chestnut cream - This was my favourite out of all of the tarts. Dang thar cassis coulis we sublime and the inclusion of rum brought it to a whole nother level. (I don't really drink but put alcohol in desserts and I'm like hell yeah.)

I'm glad to have come across Shio Patisserie's delicate tarts and I do hope to see more flavours from them! Perhaps even a collab with their sister company Denzy? Ice-cream + tarts = Profit.

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Lemuel Chocolate has reopened its doors to a spanking new space over at Star Vista! The bean-to-bar chocolate makers place an emphasis on quality, flavour and sustainability - roasting and churning out delectable chocolate treats right in front of your eyes to boot! @lemuelchocolate even sources and imports their quality cacao beans from farmers all over the world.

I was honoured to be invited to their soft launch/food tasting and got to try their numerous chocolate goodies which included:

◾Eden [$10]
Lemuel's entremets range is inspired by the botanics and Eden caught my eye immediately. Resembling a pebble, it was filled with pear curd, pecan, milk chocolate praline and 70% Guatemala chocolate mousse. The smooth creamy texture paired perfectly with a slight crunch from the praline. The sweetness from the pear curd also balanced out the chocolate mousse in an explosion of flavour. This ended up being one of my favourites of the day!

◾Jardin [$9]
Resembling a mushroom garden is none other than their Jardin. A tart comprising of pistachio ganache, pistachio praline, crumble, pistachio creme and dark chocolate - dang the pistachio flavours were intense. The Jardin bordered more towards savoury which I found pretty intriguing. A lil' sweetness from the creme on top was much needed to cut the intensity of the whole tart - I've never had something quite like it!

◾Lady Grey/Sel/Hideki [$4 each]
Lemuel also offers a range of smaller chocolate tarts, each with its own unique flavours paired with delicious ganache. My favourite of the 3 was the Hideki, a tart filled with Hojicha ganache and Yuzu chantilly. Damn, it was just so good. Yuzu + chocolate = hell yeah.

All in all, I'm quite impressed by the effort and work of Lemuel Chocolate and their passion for their craft. They do chocolate justice and I'll definitely head back for more! (Everyone else ordered the Cacao 85 and I kinda regretted not doing the same!) Not to mention that I literally ended up in a chocolate coma right after.

I wish you guys all the best in your grand opening! And thanks to Natasha for the invite and to Ronald for the awesome chocolate tour!

My name is Jeremy and I’m just a solitary foodie.

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