Ordered 鸡排w/蛋炒饭, 盐酥鸡, 牛肉汤面 and 红油虾肉抄手. Amounted to arnd $42 for 4 dishes which were all so damn good! My fav is the dumplings, love the chilli oil that came together with it and there were so much fillings inside each dumpling! Also loved the chicken cutlet cause it tasted so similar to the ones at the night markets in taiwan. The smaller chicken cutlet balls were more peppery and crunchier so it depends on what kind of texture you like more. The fried rice tastes good toooo, kinda like the ones in dtf. Lastly, the beef in the soup were so tender, melting with each bite, and the knife cut noodles were chewy and well cooked. The soup was herby and really refreshing to drink on a chilly rainy day. All in all, 5/5! Love the food here so much!