Really really really good breads ... ...

The last time I had Maison Kayser was more than 6 to 7 years ago when they first opened .

For a while , the prices seemed to be increasing and the quality seemed to declined so I stopped partronizing.

While shopping at ntuc finest at Scotts square in recent times, I had the privilege to try the bread sampler and I thought the breads were really flavourful - especially the dark chocolate and hazelnut honey bread . I assure you - if you try a piece , you canโ€™t stop....

Expensive as it might be at 5.80 and for a relatively small loaf, I gave in to my heart over my wallet this time and got the black sesame sourdough because I was craving for a good sourdough bread and hadnโ€™t find one that I really really enjoyed amongst the bakeries in Singapore .

You pay a price and you get the quality . The black sesame sourdough bread was crusty on the exterior and chewy and moist inside . The bread was neither too dense Nor too dry - it was absolutely perfect .

Using only natural leaven and a Long Long Long fermentation process , the sourdough flavour was well pronounced but not disturbing - in fact, it was very enjoyable.

I found some of the bread offerings from Maison kayser to be quite similar to bread and hearth , especially the matcha orange and the dark chocolate rolls . Even Their pain au Chocolat share a certain resemblance . Not that anyone should be particularly concerned but thatโ€™s just the investigative part about me ๐Ÿ˜›

Do give the dark chocolate and hazelnut honey bread samples a try if you are in the area ๐Ÿ˜Š