Ordered this items online.

Brioche donuts ($15). Contains 4 donuts. Two Kaya and two Valrhora Chocolate Cream. Donuts were good. They were fluffy and the coated of the sugar just elevates it. What could be better than deep fried dough coated with sugar? For the Kaya filling it was a little on the sweet side. It was fragrant and there's this slight egg-iness. But the sweet Kaya and sweet donut just made the donut a little too sweet. For the chocolate filling, it went well with the donut. The chocolate wasn't sweet and paired well with the sweet fluffy donut.

Cranberry Walnut Sourdough ($3.50). The sourdough was slightly sour and I like how there were lots of walnuts and sweet cranberry in the bread. Texture-wise the bread was quite chewy with added crunch from the walnuts and additional moisture from the cranberry.

Canelé ($3.80). A French pastry with a caramelized exterior and a moist, custard-y interior. I like how it was fragrant and how the outside had a slight crunch while the inside were slightly something like a Kueh texture.

Overall I really enjoyed the fluffy brioche donuts with it's generous fillings.