Waffles, Cakes Pancakes & Waffles Are you Team Pancakes or Team Waffles? Either way both are good.
Bread & Pastries Bread & Pastries Finding bakes which are worth getting
Japanese Tendon Delight Tendon is Tempura Donburi (Rice Bowl). A bowl of warm rice topped with crunchy battered items.
Thai Taste Of Thailand Trying out Thai stalls to find the ones worth going to
Late Night Lok Lok Recently many Lok Lok stalls have been opening up here in our little island. I'm on the hunt for Lok Lok which are worth my taste buds.
Chinese Chinese Chow Time So many kinds of Chinese cuisine available here in Singapore. With different Chinese cuisine from different region offering different flavour profile.
Hot Pot Hotpot? Steamboat? Whatever You Call It Somehow having a hotpot, cooking your own food is just something which so many people love to do!
Hawker Food Local Hawker Heritage Featuring reviews of local food that you typically get at a hawker centre such as Wanton Mee, Hokkien Mee, Mee Siam, Chicken Rice etc...