Sang nyuk noodles (lit. Raw meat noodles) are basically noodles with a clear stock broth with meat slices added into the dish at the last minute. Usually added to the noodles when the noodles are cooked and drained and hot soup is poured over them to ensure they aren't overcooked.

Sang Nyuk Noodle in SS15 claimes to bring in their ingredients fresh from Bidor. They not only serve sang nyuk noodles here but this is obviously their main seller.

Options for Sang Nyuk Noodles are available in either kon lou (dry) or soup (pic.) And is eithr RM 6.90 or RM 7.90 depending on the type of noodles. Lots of noodles are given with lots of liver. Pork slices? Not so much. Ajinamoto? A plenty. But that is the beauty of it. Sometimes you just want a hot bowl of salty soupy unhealthy magical goodness. Well this isn't magical, but it does make you feel unhealthy alright.

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