17 Apr’21, Sat🌧
📍Swee Choon Tim Dum Restaurant
- Mee-Suah Kueh🫔
- Siew Mai🍖
- Baked BBQ Pork Pastry🥧
- Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun🍞
- Chicken Claws🍗
- Glutinous Rice with Chicken🍘
- Shanghai Xiao Long Bao🥟
- Beancurd Prawn Roll🦐
- Red Bean Paste Pancake🥞

Haven’t been too fair to Swee Choon all these while as I have been subconsciously judging it as a supper standard dim sum (like it is the one ppl go for/ the one that’s available, during supper timing)...

🫔Mee-Suah Kueh
First time trying their mee-suah kueh and definitely will order this again! Well-cooked mee-suah (not mushy), stacked together in a rectangular shape and deep fried, savoury taste...

Quite an interesting dish eh, crispy surface and chewy texture like a kueh indeed, taste wise, initially tot it’s a going to be bland at the looks of it, but it was well seasoned, not too salty, in fact tasted a little like carrot cake!

Will order this again!

🍖Siew Mai
Siew Mai was quite juicy and solid (filled with the meaty prawn paste), absence of that unpleasant porky smell and bonus for seeing and tasting the fresh prawn bits in the siew mai itself.

Texture wise, bouncy kind, not just a chunk of meat, u know what I mean~ This was nice leh!

🥧Baked BBQ Pork Pastry
Like the buttery pastry, the bbq pork was not fatty, and tasted a little on a sweeter note, pretty decent.

🍞Salted Egg Yolk Custard Bun
Was expecting the bun to be steamed bun but I was wrong (fried bun), but nonetheless, this was still a decent salted egg yolk custard bun.

The salted egg yolk custard tasted both savoury and sweet (not too sweet), most imptly, it’s not greasy!

Ever tried salted egg yolk custard bun at some over-rated dim sum restaurant and I can see the oil in the custard filling (I can even scoop a spoonful of oil out) which left me disgusted even till now, since then, haven’t been keen to eat custard bun...

Now at least I like Swee Choon’s, quite decent!

🍗Chicken Claws
Used to be afraid of eating chicken claws for I think they look scary, but as times goes by, learnt how to appreciate it (full of collagen, aging already, in need for it).

The chicken claws tasted more towards the savoury side, braised to a point where the skin and bones can be separated in my mouth, not too oily, quite decent.

Just a note, probably eating by oneself was a bit too much, good for sharing.

🍘Glutinous Rice with Chicken
Find this quite normal, but I like the mushroom and big chunk of chicken meat, tasted similar to that of Khong Guan’s but less sweet.

🥟Shanghai Xiao Long Bao
Quite disappointed by this, no ginger and vinegar provided (we ordered delivery, not sure if they do provide when you dine in), the skin was a little thick and the filling wasn’t impressive.

Guess was spoiled at DTF xlb standard, this was a bit far from that.

🦐Beancurd Prawn Roll
Can skip this totally! Too oily, tasted the oil at first bite, regardless the filling was good or not, this was like a no-no, sorry, this one I cannot.

🥞Red Bean Paste Pancake
This was actually not bad, thin outer layer and not-so-sweet red bean paste, quite nice, just that perhaps we left it for a while before eating it, it wasn’t crispy, like so-so only.

Overall, hits and misses, but if I’m looking at dim sum at any time of the day, I wouldn’t mind trying SC’s...

Damage: $95.55 (excluding otah, tt’s from Jalan Kayu)

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