The original chilli crab. Roland’s version is sweeter, less spicy, less tangy. Not saying it is better or worse than the rest of the pack, it’s different and it all depends on your taste preference. Certainly as thick with strong hint of spices and goes equally well with their fried mantou.

The sambal sweet potato leaves were fried with dried shrimps and sambal chilli. You could also find rather large bits of lard in it which gave it a boost in flavour.

The marinated cockles were the largest I have had this year. Over the years, the cockles you can get in Singapore are getting smaller and smaller. Almost have to go overseas to get large cockles. This plate was nicely marinated (do not be put off by the dark hues of the cockles). They were so fresh most of them were almost crunchy when you bite down.

Roland’s special fried rice was special in which it had rice pops in it. That gave it a different bite in each mouthful but otherwise not very outstanding.

On a Tues nite, the place was thronging with patrons. Can imagine what the business must be like during weekends.