Korean BBQ has always been that iconic meal featured in the K Drama which shows the stars enjoying that perfectly cooked meat with fat melting so seductively or the crispy skin exterior from that slab of meat is the part that you’re most excited for! Recently, there is a new Korean BBQ concept which marries together the 2 ingredients which is an everlasting pairing of flavours and that is Apple & Pork! Yes, that’s right it’s Apple Samgyupsal! They have 3 locations to choose from but the one that opens till late is in Taman Desa.. We ordered the Apple Platter (RM88) that includes 120g of Apple Samgyupsal, 120g Apple Moksal, 120g Apple Hanjungsal, apple wrap( slices of apple), sausage and apple salad with other accompaniments which is free flow.. It’s always great fun to watch the cooking process been done for you and the servers are really attentive with taking extra care in wrapping the apple wraps with your preferred cut of meat and with its special sauce on top of it! It truly helps to exemplify your eating experience! Truly worth it! The pork was perfectly cooked till tender with a crispy exterior and the fattiness of it help to balance the sweetness and the crunchy acidic onions that is wrapped around it! The platter is great for 2 person to share! You can also order other sides to add on if you still have space for it! Not to miss is their signature drink; Apple Magoli!