[Muslim-Owned] A funnel cake was one of the last things I expected to see at the bazaar, but call it a lucky night as I chanced upon Broke Buddies who were selling them at four different flavours. 😜

I got the Apple Caramel flavour which is really self-explanatory in what it is made up of. And it was great - a huge snaking piece of fried batter dusted with confectioners sugar and a pool party of applesauce, finished with a dollop of ice cream diving into it.

However, this proved to be a rather heavy fare for the bazaar's hot and humid environment. That's mostly directed at the monstrous portions, next in line being the sickly thick sauce which had one too many doses of sickly-sweetness. I shared this with a friend, so it was still manageable really. Otherwise, this would probably be a no-go if I'd tackled this solo. 😧

Still, I'd give it to them for being the only stall that's bringing these eye-catching funfair food to the table. The endgame of it is really not to create a gourmet impression, but rather, to fill the stomachs of bazaar-goers and keep them happy. I think they did a fairly good job on that! πŸ˜™ (7/10)