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At $1.90 per piece, I thought these egg tarts were among one of the best I’ve ever had in Singapore. Filled to the brim, served piping hot (read again: H O T) with smoke wafting out upon the first bite, it was impossible to not fall into eggy pastry kingdom at that point.

The egg custard had such amazing consistency - thick, strong eggy taste (unlike so many diluted ones out there), wobbly and what really impressed me was it’s temperature. I dare say I’ve never eaten H O T egg tarts in Singapore as I used to fathom that egg tarts must be cooled to certain temperatures upon exit from the oven to allow the custard to set. But Honolulu has definitely proved me wrong. The nascent smoke waves drifting out from the first bite caught me pleasantly aback, and the portion was definitely good, as the buttery pastry shells were filled to the brim (and not mid-filled, which is sadly, a common scene today).

P.S. Request for it to be warmed before serving, and the servers will gladly warm it for you in an oven (if it’s not already warm).

We also got the Yuan-Yang ($3.30), a mixture of coffee and tea. Smooth, creamy, rich, mildly-bitter, fragrant all condensed into a singular porcelain cup, this beverage definitely elevated the sensorial pleasure accompanying the myriad of palatable delights.