Did someone mention brunch?

Did someone mention brunch?

Some of the quintessential brunch classics, also featuring intriguing finds!
Peixian  🐶
Peixian 🐶

While the egg rolls were silky smooth, this dish paled significantly in comparison to the rest of the dishes that Honolulu has to offer.

The mayo however, provided a great hint of sweetness to elevate the otherwise relatively flat-tasting rolls. At $5, I’d say go for the other dishes such as the French Toast instead.


At $1.90 per piece, I thought these egg tarts were among one of the best I’ve ever had in Singapore. Filled to the brim, served piping hot (read again: H O T) with smoke wafting out upon the first bite, it was impossible to not fall into eggy pastry kingdom at that point.

The egg custard had such amazing consistency - thick, strong eggy taste (unlike so many diluted ones out there), wobbly and what really impressed me was it’s temperature. I dare say I’ve never eaten H O T egg tarts in Singapore as I used to fathom that egg tarts must be cooled to certain temperatures upon exit from the oven to allow the custard to set. But Honolulu has definitely proved me wrong. The nascent smoke waves drifting out from the first bite caught me pleasantly aback, and the portion was definitely good, as the buttery pastry shells were filled to the brim (and not mid-filled, which is sadly, a common scene today).

P.S. Request for it to be warmed before serving, and the servers will gladly warm it for you in an oven (if it’s not already warm).

We also got the Yuan-Yang ($3.30), a mixture of coffee and tea. Smooth, creamy, rich, mildly-bitter, fragrant all condensed into a singular porcelain cup, this beverage definitely elevated the sensorial pleasure accompanying the myriad of palatable delights.


These gorgeous tarts came chilled, enclosed in a buttery pastry case which held the beancurd custard well.

Whilst the soybean taste wasn’t strong, and $2.10/pc isn’t exactly the cheapest around, I would say give it a try if you wish (that’s after the must-try egg tarts!). The beancurd custard had a good consistency, and was filled to the brim with that wobbly, jiggly but shiok sensation especially when served chilled.

For me, this has definitely made it to my order chit the next time I’m back at Honolulu.

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My to-go place for a no frills brunch at super affordable prices WITHOUT gst and svc even on the weekends!

At $8.90 nett, my vegetarian omelette came fluffy with generous ingredients stuffed within (mushrooms, bell peppers, tomatoes), and what greatly surprised me was how the omelette remained runny and creamy in the middle, while boasting that smooth exterior. Buttery, creamy and fluffy, it was so fulfilling!

The set also came with two slices of toast with butter, as well as a side salad PLUS any drink from the menu (ranging from lattes, tea, to milkshakes even) all without additional cost! A precious gem of a place I’d say!


At $15.80++, I preferred this unique savory waffle compared to the Assam crab waffle that we also tried.

As mentioned, Montana nails the texture of their waffles darn on point - crispy yet light on the exterior; soft and pillowy on the inside. Yet, what baffles about this particular waffle was how they managed to maintain that texture whilst having incorporated REAL CHUNKS of prawn and squid into the batter?!

I loved how the kimchi taste lingered in the batter as well - subtle yet omnipresent. It could’ve been stronger/spicier, though. What elevated the dish for me was the generous shavings if seaweed on top, as well as the specks of chili/kimchi powder alongside. The supposed garlic mayo had a sourish tinge, yet again it was too scant to be detected.

Definitely worth the try though, if you’re a fan of Korean food!


One of Montana’s newest brunch additions, this savory Assam crab waffle was an ambivalent one taste wise.

At $16.30++ (which is relatively not thaaat cheap btw), we found the price somewhat justified as it did indeed came with chunks of REAL crab meat. There was an interesting spice blended into the waffle batter, before being doused with drips of gula melaka mayo, which was tbh, quite tasty - just that the serving was too scant to suffice for an elevation in taste.

Personally, I found the dish to get a tad jelat (too overbearing) towards the end probably due to the canned pineapple salsa used paired with the crab meat. I found it a pity that canned pineapples were used as the sweet syrup engulfed the crab meat, which got too much to finish at the end, when the dish got cold.

What Montana has gotten darn right has got to be the texture of the waffles though - light and crispy on the exterior with a lingering fragrance of the spices; whilst maintaining that soft pillowy bite inside that was oh so satisfying.

Amazing texture, still-justifiable price, must try if you’re feeling adventurous for some savory waffles!


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