The star of this meal is clearly the cold udon. The katsu was okay, but I found the Japanese rice to be disappointing in texture. The rice and udon set I chose was one of the cheaper sets (~$17) but if you wanted to get chirashi or anything fancier the sets could cost up to $29. And that’s EXCLUDING the drink and dessert in the Burpple deal 😬😬😬

The Burpple Beyond set came with a drink (I ordered a $3 Houjicha) and a dessert. I loved the matcha and black sesame ice cream! The black sesame was really rich and creamy.

Paid around $14 per pax after Burpple Beyond. Personally, I wouldn’t come back for the set because I think it’s not really worth it, especially since I didn’t really like the rice. I’d maybe come back for the udon though and get some of their cheaper mains.