Chanced upon this unique BBQ joint, one of the many new-ish eateries along the Tanjong Katong Rd stretch and this place was packed to the rafters on a Saturday night. Naturally I had to come back the next day to give it a try! Supposedly hand massaged, then slow cooked for hours, the succulent meat is tender and fall-of-the-bone, with nary a hint of gristle. The bbq glaze shines(literally and figuratively) with flavoursome, expertly spiced tanginess. The wedge of lime squeezed over is a stroke of genius that simultaneously served to cut through the richness and added a zesty sweetness to the meat when combined with the glaze. I was a little disappointed that fries and coleslaw are considered premium sides here at the cost of an additional $2 each. Free sides include only mash, salad and rice(can't confirm on this). Although primarily a BBQ house, this establishment also curiously enough serves a smattering of Asian dishes such as crispy tofu, eggplant with salted fish and minced pork, and baked rice. One thing you have to try is the chicken rice style chilli sauce and the Naughty Chilli sauce with your ribs. Weird,but it works! $18 for the ribs.

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