@beerbasketkatong #burpplebeyond one for one deal is valid for pastas and pizzas like this fine pair here. The pizza bases are all ten inch wide flatbreads which do crisp up oh so delightfully in the oven. There are a quartet of pizza options on the menu, and we got to try half of them.⠀

First and my favourite is undoubtedly the Smoked Duck pizza ($23++). While the slices of duck were too few to really provide full satisfaction, they still supplied the ample meaty, chewy satisfaction that only smoked duck can provide. The melted mozzarella cheese is absolutely delightful on the crispy, thin crust, and the hoisin sauce sparingly drizzled on top of the pizza turns it into a new twist on the classic, beloved Peking duck.

Thanks for hosting us, @burpple & @beerbasketkatong!