In oats we trust🤞, @otisoatmilk has a rich, rounded, neutral taste and dairy-like consistency that makes it the perfect oat milk🥛 for your everyday life. Free from dairy, soy, nuts and vegan friendly too👍.

👉Barista Oat M!lk
It has higher fat content which allows it to be paired perfectly with coffee🤎 or even matcha💚 for a thick and creamy mouthfeel😋
👉Everyday Oat M!lk
Compared to the Barista edition, it’s lighter and smoother. Just perfect as a drink by itself, or paired with granola😄

Don’t say I never share any PROMO coupon codes arh😍
❗️Quote to enjoy 5% OFF if you buy 1 carton of Otis Oat Milk
‼️Quote to enjoy 12% OFF if you buy 2 or more cartons
Valid until 30 November 2020 when you checkout🛒 from JewelCoffee.com🌐. What matters too is that there is FREE EXPRESS SHIPPING🎊!

Thank you @jewelcoffee for sending these over! I really can’t wait to head down to any of the Jewel Coffee outlets to try your oat milk based drinks😚.