Rice($0.50 each)
Awesome steamed white chicken poached beautifully. Smooth tender meat, chilled bouncey jello skin and super plus point for being boneless to provide a great eating experience. Savoury soy sauce seasoning were in the right ratio so that you can taste both the chickeness and saltiness of it. The plate of meat comes decorated with cucumber, pineapple and tomato. Oh my... That skin is to die for.😋 For the price point, its pretty worth to queue for.
As for the rice, the grain may be a tad hard, but the moderate flavour will make up for it. The natural greasiness from the chicken fats is well-mixed into the rice. Add the sauce or soup to soften and add more flavours to it.
Ending off with that clear savoury soup is sure to satisfy and keep warm your tummy.