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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

The Spicy Maze Soba ($13.80) from Kanda Soba is the spiciest maze soba I have ever eaten - the tiny dollop of chilli goes a really long way🔥 I also tried the Original Maze Soba ($13) on another occasion and it was much more manageable for me. The thick and chewy noodles are tossed in a flavourful mixture of beef and pork meat sauce, raw egg, spring onion, chives and seaweed. A dash of vinegar helps to cut through the richness and keeps this from getting too jelak. In all, this is one delicious and satisfying bowl of maze soba!


Had an epic meat feast at Wano Niku, a yakiniku stall in a coffeeshop serving authentic A4 Wagyu imported from Japan😍 We ordered:
- Monthly Special Set comprising Strip Lion Steak and 3 kinds of Wagyu ($50)
- Wano Niku Original - Regular Sauce ($8)
- Wano Niku Aka - Spicy Sauce ($8)
- Wano Niku Shiro - Salt-Based Sauce ($8)
- Pork Belly ($5)
- Nikusui - Beef broth with tofu and spring onion ($8)
- Assorted vegetables ($6)
- Kimchi ($3)

The Wagyu steak in the monthly special set is so soft that it almost falls apart when you pick it up in its raw form, and it is very aromatic when grilled till medium rare. The Wagyu pieces that are marinated in different sauces are very tasty too, especially the salt-based sauce which enhances the natural flavours of the meat.

Apart from the outstanding meat platter, the hidden gem is actually the beef soup which is really sweet and flavourful. The chunks of beef in the soup literally melt in your mouth🤤 Definitely not to be missed!

The price point for this yakinuku stall is super reasonable, given the quality of the premium beef served. There are no additional frills and the natural flavours of the beef takes centrestage. What a treat!

The highlight of the day will have to be the It-Truly-Melts Wagyu Truffle Onsen Ramen ($40). The medium rare Wagyu steak is seared to perfection and it is very soft and flavourful. It is paired with dry ramen noodles tossed in truffle sauce, runny egg and garlic chips.


We also ordered Dancing Geisha ($24 - 8 pieces) which is a rice-less sushi roll comprising of raw salmon, tuna, cooked shrimp and cucumber topped with avocado, baby radish, ikura and ume (plum) mayo. This is pretty refreshing and great for people who wants to skip the carbs.

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Had a really indulgent lunch at Ohayo Mama San, which is a modern Japanese all-day brunch and bar concept at 313 Somerset. For starters, we had Foursome Crabmeat Nori Tacos ($20). I wasn’t expecting much from this but this is actually really delicious and addictive. The crispy taco shell, mayo crabmeat and sea grapes work really well together and this was a burst of flavour and texture.

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We tried the Warayaki Aburi Kaisen Maze Soba ($16.90), which is similar to the kaisen don except that this comes with dry ramen tossed in sauce instead of rice. While the taste is good, the combination of thick ramen, sashimi and the decadent sauce is a little too heavy for me - some vinegar to cut through the strong flavours will be nice.

We ordered the Ochazuke Set ($4) to go with our kaisen don. Towards the end of the meal, a hot stone is added to a bowl of lobster soup to heat it up and the soup is poured into the remaining kaisen don and topped with spring onion, rice crackers, seaweed and a dash of calamansi juice. The lobster soup is rich and flavourful and the end product reminds me of a hearty 泡饭, love it!

The star of the night is definitely the Tokusen Warayaki Aburi Kaisen Don ($16.90), which comes with a generous serving of aburi salmon, aburi maguro (tuna), squid, aburi hamachi (yellow tail), negitoro (minced tuna), ebi soboro (minced prawn) and tobiko (flying fish roe). The sashimi is very fresh and it goes well with the runny half-boiled egg and sesame soya sauce.

The dish that stole the show would have to be the Nest of Fries ($11), which features crispy shredded potato drizzled in white truffle oil, teriyaki balsamic sauce and wasabi mayo. The fries are thinner than usual and the fiesty sauces elevated the fries without overpowering it. The portion is huge but we had no problems finishing it😛

We had Jypsy Rainbow ($21), which is a sushi roll with torched salmon tartare, bluefin tuna, yellowtail, avocado and yuzu furikake. The fish is fresh and generous and each morsel is a delight.

Starting the new year with good vibes and good food only🪴 This is my first visit to Jypsy and I love the nomadic ambience and their take on contemporary Japanese cuisine.

For mains, we had Wagyu Beef Dripping Fried Rice ($26) and it is an absolute flavour bomb. The sweet, savoury and smokey notes of the grilled Wagyu and kombu butter fried rice complement one another really well - delicious!

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The Tokyo Beef Short Ribs ($19.90) features beef short ribs that have been braised for 3 hours in a herb-infused tomato sauce topped with garlic chips. The beef is really soft and flavourful, and the robust tomato sauce has just the right amount of sweetness and acidity. The stewed carrots and daikon are delicious, and everything goes so well with the Japanese rice. What a pleasant surprise to find such a comforting rice bowl in a green tea cafe!


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