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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

I have not been to Tamoya Udon since it shifted from Liang Court to Plaza Singapura and I’m finally back to try the classic Sanuki Beef Egg Udon ($11.20). The soup is sweet and flavourful, the thinly sliced beef is just the right balance of meat and fats and the udon is cooked till springy perfection. This place serves good quality udon at affordable prices, especially with Burpple Beyond’s one-for-one deal. Not to be missed!

I always end up ordering the same thing at Raku Raku - the very affordable and tasty Chicken Karaage Set ($13)! Although the fried chicken is not super crispy, it is very tender and flavourful and a squirt of lemon juice keeps the jelakness at bay:) It may not look like a lot but it is actually quite filling. Accompanied by rice (free-flow!), miso soup, side dish and salad, it makes a very simple but satisfying meal.

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I am a fan of mazesoba (dry ramen) and I have been dying to try Gyu Mixing Udon ($11.80), the udon version of mazesoba from Tamoya Udon. The al-dente handmade udon is tossed in a flavourful and surprisingly spicy sauce with thinly sliced beef, minced meat, corn, spring onion and a runny egg - as good as I imagined it to be!

The Bara-Chirashi ($22.90) from Rakki Bowl comes with a generous portion of salmon, tuna, swordfish and octopus. The fresh sashimi goes well with the sweet undertones from the tamago and house-blended shoyu sauce drizzled over the rice. Although it’s a little pricey, there is a one-for-one deal on Burpple Beyond😍 Very worth it!

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I am not a big fan of vegetables but I love eggplant and bitter gourd! The Stir-Fried Bitter Gourd Set Meal ($16.50) and Eggplant with Minced Pork & Okinawan Beancurd Set Meal ($16.50) from Okinawan Diner Nirai-Kanai at Liang Court basement are my go-to Okinawan comfort food. The thinly sliced bitter gourd is stir-fried with egg and beancurd - it’s not very bitter and tastes very homely. The eggplant is stewed in a sweet and savoury gravy that is very appetising, especially when drizzled over rice. Each set is served with a cold tofu that is creamy in texture and literally tastes like a peanut - very interesting! You can also top up $2.60 to upgrade your rice to Okinawan Seasoned Rice (comes with bits of shrimp and vegetable in it). Set meals aside, the Deep-Fried Chicken ($12.80) is also quite good - the skin is crispy but not oily, the chicken is tender and goes really well with the tangy vinaigrette dipping sauce. Love the homely ambience and taste of the Okinawan cuisine served here:)!

Tonkotsu Ramen in commonly found in most Japanese restaurants but I have never come across Tonkotsu Udon before. The Black Garlic Tonkotsu Udon ($10.80) from Tamoya Udon is pretty impressive - the handmade udon is chewy and springy, and it goes very well with the milky pork bone broth drizzled in fragrant black garlic oil, gooey onsen egg and crunchy bamboo shoots. I love that the udon is served with pork belly instead of the typical chashu - the pork belly is soft but it also retains its Q-ness, which makes the chunky pork belly extra satisfying. I also ordered the Tempura Fishcake ($2.20) which is surprisingly good - the batter is thin, crispy and not oily, the fishcake is bouncy and the dipping sauce is light and savoury. One of my favourite udon places in Singapore in terms of price and quality👍🏻

To be honest, I was semi-skeptical about Grids & Circles as the menu looks super healthy (yes I have a somewhat unhealthy palate)😛 But since I have been overeating this week and there is a one-for-one deal on Burpple Beyond, why not? The Oyako Pan ($15) exceeded my expectations! Tender and juicy chicken thigh cooked in teriyaki sauce, silky scrambled eggs and Asian salad dressed in kombu mayo are served atop English muffins - the mayo and teriyaki sauce complemented each other and it was surprisingly tasty. For records, Oyako Pan is served with mixed greens as well but I replaced mine with a 2nd serving of chips:P My friend had Salmon Ochasuke ($16) which comprises of a pan-fried salmon fillet on top of rice, white bait, puff rice and cherry tomatoes. You have to pour the bacon genmaicha dashi broth over the rice to complete the porridge. The flavours are clean and subtle, but not bland. The cafe, from its decor to utensils to vibes, is comfortable and relaxing. Not a bad choice if you wish to get away from the crowd for a mental and gastronomical detox.

I love the the Truffle Beef Cube Bowl ($25) from Maru Japanese Restaurant - the stir-fry beef cube with red wine garlic shoyu is fragrant, soft and juicy, and goes well with the accompanying shimeiji mushroom, egg and steamed rice. The Salmon Sashimi Bowl ($18) comes with a generous and fresh serving of salmon sashimi, though I find the sushi rice a little too vinegary for me. Although the rice bowls are quite pricey on their own, there is an one-for-one deal on Burpple Beyond, as well as a complimentary salad/dessert buffet bar for non-Burpple Beyond users.

The Mentaiyaki Tamago Kaisendon ($25.90) from Kei Kaisendon comes with kaisendon (sashimi rice bowl), soup of the day, salad and a whopping total of 6 mentaiyaki tamago (Japanese omelette with roe). The torched mentaiko goes very well with the sweet tamago. The sashimi is fresh and delicious - wouldn’t mind giving up 2 tamago for more sashimi! There is a one-for-one promo on Burpple Beyond, which makes it a really good deal given how filling this is. Perfect for hungry days👌🏻

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It’s been a while since I last visited Rakki Bowl and I decided to try their Signature Truffle Wagyu-Don ($27.90 for large) this time. I’m so glad I ordered the large bowl as the sheer amount of thinly sliced Wagyu beef is super worth it, especially with Burpple Beyond’s one-for-one deal😍 The Wagyu beef is very tender and moist. The sauce is sweet and savoury, with a hint of smokiness from the drizzle of black truffle oil. The beef is served on top of flavoured rice and a runny egg binds everything together. Super satisfied with my dinner - no wonder this is one of their bestsellers!


I have a soft spot for Japanese pasta and Hoshino Coffee is where I usually fix my craving. Every time I am here, I end up ordering the same thing - Hoshino Spaghetti with Eggplant, Bacon, Shimeiji and Sausage ($14.50), because it has all my favourite ingredients. The al dente pasta is sautéed in a light and fragrant sauce, and the ingredients go very well with one another. My kind of comfort food🙆🏻‍♀️

To be honest, I was expecting gimmicky food from Baristart Coffee, given the hype around its cutesy latte art and bear-shape shaved ice😛 Turned out that I was in for a pleasant surprise when I visited the cafe!

The Latte ($6.70) and BIEI Jersey Milk Coffee ($7.50 - cold only) are super smooth and the fragrance and richness of the Hokkaido BIEI Jersey milk really come through the coffee, love it! For mains, I had the Obihiro Butadon ($18.80), which is their signature rice bowl served with grilled kurobuta pork belly, green onion, teriyaki sauce and miso soup. The pork belly is smokey and flavourful with a hint of spiciness, and it goes really well with the Japanese rice. We ended lunch on a sweet note, with the famous Cream Puff ($4.50) overflowing with a delicious custard cream made from Hokkaido BIEI Jersey milk - it’s so creamy and light at the same time!

I enjoyed the food and cosy ambience thoroughly - looking forward to a return visit already❤️

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