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Gladys Tan
Gladys Tan

Teppei’s Omakase dinner has been on my wish list for years and I finally had the chance to visit the restaurant recently. Each dish in the 18-course Omakase dinner ($100 per pax) is fresh, delicately crafted and absolutely delicious.

It’s hard to pick a favourite, but here are some dishes that left a lasting impression:
▪️Minced Tuna Maki with Sea Grapes, Pickled Radish, Flying Fish Roe and Salmon Roe
▪️Snow Crab Don
▪️Button Mushroom Tempura stuffed with Fish Paste and Sakura Shrimps
▪️A5 Wagyu Steak with 15-Layer Potato Pave
▪️Sea Bream Sashimi with Orange Dressing
▪️Firefly Squid in Olive Oil
▪️Scallop with Kombu
▪️Crab Porridge with Uni

Although the portion is small, each dish is a burst of freshness, flavours and umami, and the entire course is so satisfying. For an Omakase dinner of such top quality, the price point is very reasonable and value-for-money. The ambience of the single-counter restaurant is cosy and intimate, and the friendly chefs make the effort to introduce each dish as there is no fixed menu.

Out of all the Omakase courses I have tried locally, Teppei is hands down the best Omakase experience I have had so far.

Apart from the amazing Chirashi Don, the other dishes fared well too, such as the Wakadori Karaage ($7.90), Grilled Salmon Fish Head with Salt ($12.80), Bean Paste Soup with Salmon Fish Head & Stirred Egg ($8.80) and Salmon Sashimi ($14.80). The deep-fried marinated chicken is flavourful, tender and crispy, and the grilled salmon fish head and salmon fish head soup are comforting and delicious. Love it!

Chanced upon a really good bowl of Chirashi Don at Edo Ichi, a Japanese restaurant tucked away in a quaint landed housing estate in Bishan. The assorted sashimi, which comprises of salmon, tuna, yellow tail, scallop and octopus, is thick, fresh and absolutely a steal at $18.80. Definitely exceeded my expectations!

The Spicy Tsukemen ($15.90) is a dipping ramen where you dip the thick and chewy noodles into a cold dipping sauce. I really like the texture of the bouncy noodles and it goes very well with the cold dipping sauce that is savoury, refreshing and packed with the fragrance of sesame and chilli oil. The soft braised pork belly, crunchy bamboo shoots and runny onsen egg complete the meal and this is one satisfying bowl of ramen that I wouldn’t mind having again.

Each Pork Gyoza ($6 for 6) comes with well-seasoned pork filling wrapped in thin dumpling skin that still retains its elasticity. Yummy!

The Red Spicy Tonkotsu Ramen King ($14.90) comes with a creamy pork broth that is rich and flavourful without being overly jelak. The grounded sesame and chilli oil gives the broth a lovely fragrance and a slight spicy edge. The al dente ramen, soft chashu and crunchy black fungus go really well with the soup and this is one comforting bowl of ramen.

Overall, the food is delicious, the portion is generous and the price is reasonable. No regrets queuing for this:)!

I have been abstaining from Japanese food all week long to make space for this😍 The Ala Carte Omizu Lunch Buffet ($53.90++ per pax) comes with a super wide selection of Japanese food items and they are generally pretty good.

Some of my favourites include the aburi sushi platter, assorted sashimi platter, chawanmushi with egg white foam and tobiko, pan fried beef with yakiniku sauce and raw egg, pan fried mixed vegetables, gyoza, deep fried octopus, grilled beef tongue with salt and salmon head mini hot pot.

The only thing I didn’t really like is the ramen - the ones we tried are quite lacklustre in terms of flavour and noodle texture and they cannot be compared to the ones sold in proper ramen eateries. It’s probably a good idea to give the noodles a miss and just stick to the wide selection of sushi (which is pretty decent and fresh) if you want some carbs:)

Overall, there are more hits than misses and this is definitely an enjoyable (and super filling) meal for me. The price is reasonable given the quality and quantity, which is made even sweeter with Burpple Beyond’s one-for-one deal.


The Mango Salad Soba ($10) features a generous portion of green mango salad containing shredded green mango, onion and chilli padi on top of cold buckwheat soba. The green mango salad has just the right amount of sweet and tangy notes, which is such an appetising and refreshing combination.

I’m so glad I finally got to try Reiwa Soba and I must say that their soba are really interesting and not found elsewhere. Novelty aside, the taste is on point (on par with those I had in restaurants, if not better) and the portion is very generous. What a gem - I’ll be back!

Finally popped by Reiwa Soba and boy am I impressed by this humble soba stall nested within a quiet coffeeshop in Jalan Besar area.

The stall uses 100% buckwheat flour soba that is freshly made each day. The Reiwa Pork Soba ($12) consists of cold buckwheat soba and thinly sliced Spanish white pork, served with a dipping sauce made from chicken, fish and seaweed broth and topped with chilli oil, leeks and crispy rice puffs. The dipping sauce is definitely a lot more flavourful than the usual shoyu-based dipping sauce, and surprisingly the chilli oil adds another layer of fragrance to the dipping sauce without turning up the heat. The delicious sauce clings onto the cold soba and soft pork slices and complements them perfectly.

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The Big Pork Mazesoba ($14.80) comes with sukiyaki pork slices, minced meat, seaweed, spring onion and an onsen egg. I love the texture of the thick and chewy noodles, which is tossed in a delicious sauce infused with the fragrance of sesame oil. The addition of kombu vinegar helps to cut through the strong flavours and prevent it from becoming too jelak. You can ask for a scoop of rice to finish off the leftover sauce at the end of the meal - but I polished my bowl clean before I could ask for any:P

The Deluxe Chirashi ($21.90) from The Bettership is quite a treat - it comes with an assortment of raw seafood such as salmon, tuna and scallop marinated in a delicious house sauce, oyster, ikura (fish roe), tamago (Japanese omelette) and cucumber (which I omitted opps). The seafood is fresh and sweet, and the sweet and savoury sauce goes well with the rice and seafood. It’s been a while since I had a chirashi bowl and I’m pretty satisfied with this!

The Omurice with Roast Beef and Demi Glace Sauce ($19) is served with a silky omelette and thinly sliced roast beef. The roast beef is not dry and the springy texture is surprisingly good.

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