This is a must-order every time we come here. These savoury strips of simmered-till-tender-then-battered-and-deep-fried pig's ear strips go really well with drinks; they make for a great starter while waiting for the rest of dishes (or late friends) to arrive. Some may find the seasoning and dusting of spices a little heavy handed (as with many dishes here), but I love it.

Ration the garlic aioli well to last you till the final piece, and don't forget to squeeze the lime for that burst of freshness.

I think I need to go try this
Veronica Phua Please do! Get the cauliflower, beetroot and tartare (though they don't serve it on pork scratchings like they used to anymore). Also, my friends and I seem to enjoy the starters more than the mains here.
Got it! Thanks for the info Muriel A