And now, we end @wadodining set meal on a high, sweet note. The pedestrian sounding chocolate tart is probably the most outstanding dessert item with just how stupefyingly stellar it is. And that’s already taking into account the fact that one of its listed elements was missing from the dish.⠀

As mentioned before, Wado only had chocolate ice cream on the night of my visit, which makes this dessert a chocoholics wet dream. It looks like any average tart on the outside, but wait! Cut into it, and a warm, runny chocolate concoction cascades out of the breach and onto the plate. Forget lava cakes, they ain’t got anything on the flow that this choccy tart has.⠀

The melted chocolatey goodness is subtly sweet, being just enough to satisfy a sweet tooth while being countered by the mild roasty bitterness of a delicious dark chocolate. The tart crust itself is brilliantly buttery & charmingly crumbly, acting as the deeply fulfilling component in the chocolate tart. ⠀

As mentioned before, the missing element is a berry compote. It wasn’t until I reread the menu that I realised that the compote was missing, but the raspberry & strawberries provided the sharp, sour edge to check the tart’s chocolatey sweetness. Still, if the menu declares that there’s gonna be a berry compote, you should probably include a berry compote in the dish.⠀

The desserts are most definitely @wadodining forte, and both desserts were certainly carrying the set menu to sweet, sweet victory royale.

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