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last weekend at monniker, jordan @chubsthebelly and his team brought it to the next level and made it into a risotto. tasty risotto, boiled and fried batang fish slices, and a whole lot of other ingredients that I don't eat like cabbage, tomatoes and yam, but I polished off everything. not sure if jordan and team will ever be back at monniker or will be involved in food events where people can try the dish.. but y'all just know your common fish soup can level up and something so good can actually exist ok :')
@airshipmonniker features a different professional or home chef every weekend and each meal takes about 1.5 hours. reservations are very necessary, drop them a DM to make one.
thank you @airshipmonniker and @chubsthebelly for having us. I can't say this enough: food was AMAZING.