Included in the set for 4 were a half-half pancake, 1 soup and several choices of pork and chicken for around $150 after ++. The pancake came first, which was half seafood and half kimchi pancake. The pancake was fried till crispy while the flavor was really rich and flavorful. We chose army stew for the soup choice which was served in a huge bowl. There were generous amounts of all the processed meat, some pork belly, maggi mee and beans, all the standard ingredients in an army stew. The soup became thickened after a while. For the BBQ, there were 2 thick slabs of pork belly, and also other marinated chicken and pork pieces, with soy and spicy marinade, which were quite salty but tender. The steamed egg at the corner was salty too. For this, we had to BBQ ourselves.