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Foodie W
Foodie W

Very cold and refreshing when eaten on a hot day. Soup was rich in vinegar taste and the potato starch noodles were really starchy and had a nice chew. There were cucumber and pear slices in the soup which allowed it to retain the crunch and was cold from the soup which was refreshing too. The beef was not the best as it was slightly too strong in beef flavour. Sides were nice and they even served some beef bone soup. Pricey so only worth a try.

Was really impressed by the quality of food here given that’s it’s located in a coffee shop! Price was decent as well. The jim was loaded with the sauce which came with cabbage, onions and some meat, which was not too salty, and went really well with the chewy noodles. The seafood fried rice has pieces of prawns and was quite fragrant. The egg on top of the rice was a nice addition. The fried chicken wings were really crispy and doused in so much sauce! Felt that the soy sauce was better than the sweet&spicy (which wasn’t really spicy) but both were really good with the fried chicken! Would definitely return if I’m craving some korean food. Recommended to come earlier in case the food runs out!

The buns were so fluffy and soft! Beef patty was tender and tasty while the onions, bulgogi sauce and mayonnaise complemented the whole burger.

We chose the slightly spicy option so it wasn’t too spicy. Soup was super tasty and yummy! There were tofu,mushrooms, pork and cucumbers in the soup which added lots of texture and flavour to the soup! Really loved this dish and would order this again!

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This was not as good as expected as the dumplings tasted like those that we can buy frozen from supermarkets. These dumplings along with some toppoki slices and the salty egg soup was definitely not as satisfying as the other good dishes they serve.

Quite expensive for the portion, as the chicken wasn’t very big. But soup was very tasty and the chicken was tender.

Filled with many ingredients, the gimbap was delicious! Rice had some sauce which made it slightly sweet while the ingredients were generous!

Overall, this dish was super satisfying!! The rose sauce is a combination of the usual spicy tteokbokki sauce and cheese sauce, and the flavors of both complemented very well. The tteokbokki was super chewy! Crispy chicken was average and mandoo was not bad. Other ingredients included the fishcake, egg, ramen, cabbage and udon! Really loved the sauce and the tteokbokki! Abit pricy though, but can fill 3 people.

Still abit expensive after eatigo discount as the chicken and glutinous rice was quite little :( Soup was rich and flavourful though! Would get other dishes when I come back again and not this.

The pancake was quite thick but the outer layers were crispy while the inside was soft! Kimchi taste is prominent and slightly spicy!

Used eatigo for 50% off and food was awesome!! Army stew was not too spicy while the soup was very flavourful! There were luncheon meat, ham, bacon, mushroom, kimchi, beans, macaroni, tteokboki and of course ramen! Portion is good for the price. The fried chicken wings were also super amazing! They were quite salty as the chicken was coated with some soya sauce and was freshly deep-fried so it was piping hot. Meat was soft while the skin was crispy and tasty!

Generous portion and taste quite authentic! One of the better jjm around, although slightly salty. Had the kimbap too which was simple yet super tasty! The fake meat in the kimbap tasted like real luncheon meat and there was cheese too! Also ordered the truffle cheese fries! Lots of cheese and sauce given👌🏻

Foodie W

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