one of the rare food trends which really lived up to its hype 💕💕💕 absolutely loved the chicken burger; the chicken was super juicy and tender with a slight hint of spiciness to it. paired with the spicy sauce and super soft brioche bun (which reminded me of the bun that old sch western stall serves but better), i just couldn’t stop taking bites after bites. the pickled cucumber also provided the burger with a refreshing bite & what made it better was that it didn’t taste as sour and sharp as normal pickles making it more acceptable for most ppl.

the fries, biscuit and mashed potato were as good as usual. in fact, i think that popeyes have one of the best fast food fries with how crispy and well seasoned it is. & their biscuit didn’t disappoint as usual. it was a light buttery smell & the top and bottom of the biscuit had a slight crunch to it which gave the biscuit more texture. and it just tasted so damn good when paired with the strawberry jam.

the tenders were not at their best tonight; albeit under seasoned, the remaining items were so good that it didn’t make our meal any less enjoyable.

def sth that we will go back for before they’re taken off the menu.

說真的完全好吃到, 每吃一口就會因為它是限定商品而感到難過。 完全是且吃且珍惜阿🤤🤤🤤