Briyani was buttery and there's spice, but quite ex for basically just rice and raita. The potatoes and cabbage were mild thankfully, but the brinjal sambal was intense, very zingy with an almost unbelievably strong brinjal taste.

U might think I'm silly for ordering 3 masalas and tbh I was regretting hard as well but once I tasted it I was relieved, they're significantly different

The sotong has a rlly strong inherent flavour, and the gravy was thick and salty(no worries tho, you're just supposed to eat the sotong I believe, this gravy isn't meant to be ladled over rice) the texture was not the best, it's not super chewy but it's hard

The mutton was absolutely stunning, incredibly deep in flavour and very well rounded, nice balance of sweetness and sourness with umami taking front stage. Mutton was ultra tender too, it's a restaurant quality dish without a doubt

Ckn masala was lacklustre, the ckn was v dry