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The  Food Compendium
The Food Compendium

It really is like the other one except this isn't flaky. The flavour in the roti itself is really my thing, it's a rustic-ness from wheat. Well crisped up too, I liked this a lot

This isn't anything like naan though, it's heartier and less dainty, so be aware you might be disappointed if naan is what you expect

Prawns were huge and well cooked, no complaints there

But this goddamn thing took 30mins and no one told us about it. What's worse, they serve everything together and no one told us about that either. We waited for 30mins in an near empty restaurant.

PSA please please clarify if anything required waiting and ask them to serve asap, not together

The sauce is thinner than I expected, and very family friendly. Ckn pieces were not very generous either


Nice surprise. The tart shell was thin and holds its shape well, the chocolate was pleasant and the mild chai cream worked well. We enjoyed this more than anything else today apart from the pork

Overall it's v hyped, very very expensive, not worth visiting at this price

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Tastes like mild curry.

Rant: I'm all for using Western techniques and incorporating ones culture in their cuisine. I'm a fan of birds of a feather, and I enjoy japanese-french fusion. What I'm not for though, is restaurants pretending to be more atas than they are. It's great to have Indian fine dining, but just cos the decor is up there, doesn't mean the food was. If the price is GG to be 100bucks a person, the food better live up to it. I feel like the uniqueness just gives them the right to be pretentious and attracts a certain crowd meeting their clients that further drives the price up, making this place severely overpriced now

Burrple writes that the expected spending is 40 a pax. That might have been true when they opened, but now each starter is alr 30++. Expect to spend 100++ per pax here, if you're getting a drink as well

Min order (pictured) 350g

This tiny piece of meat costs us 90bucks

It's severely overpriced. Yes it's good, the pork is truly perfectly cooked. It's got a flawless pink blush in the middle, and it takes mad skill and confidence cos any less would have been undercooked. The crispy thin crust on the top also shows extreme finesse. I don't rmb having a better pork steak than this. The interior is not very brined, the exterior is very salty so overall it's still ok but better to be uniformly salty

However, the sauce is weak, and the cauliflower puree portion is pathetic.

For half the price, it would have been a must try. Would have been worth a try if you're rich at 3/4 of the price. But for close to 100bucks for a one pax portion basically(rmb the 350g comes with bone), it's really overpriced af

Quite unique cos the rice is wet, but the sweetness of the onions works well. Not too bad, worth a try for the uniqueness

Octopus, 6 precious pieces. There's abit of spice, the meat could have been more juicy, it was slightly dry and the texture was closer to fishcake than the general well done octopus. There's no crisp either

For 30bucks it's ridiculous, it's not particularly good, much less impressive

I'm gonna be pissing off a lot of people probably, and probably seem uncultured, but this seriously is just 2 blobs of burrata, with curry(and a bit of chili oil, edamame and wtv else)

The burrata itself isn't even of particularly high quality, it's below average amongst the ones I've had.

The crisps though, that was brilliant, it's got mad flavour and it was very crispy too

Why would you ever pay 24 bucks for 2 blobs of below average burrata?

Is it more ex than before? New year new me old prata, this year I'm trying to be kinder so I guess their prata is crispy at first and when you wait 60 seconds, it becomes fluffy (if you catch my drift)

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PSA this branch don't have first gourmet member rewards. This branch's electronic systems seriously suck, they messed up CHOPE reservation before, and after so many months from opening they still don't have the membership

Food review:
It's the chettinad chili ckn in their absolutely lovely briyani rice(seriously intoxicating, the rice has a nice bite and depth on its own)

The ckn doesn't impart it's flavour to the rice tho, plus there's not much gravy for the ckn inside. I'd advise you to get the chettinad ckn ala carte and briyani rice ala carte

Only the most annoyingly accurate, the most painfully truthful reviews.

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