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Featuring The Roti Prata House, Springleaf Prata Place (Thong Soon Avenue), ENAQ Restaurant (Jurong East), Sin Ming Roti Prata (Faisal & Aziz Curry Muslim Food), THEVAR, New Mahamoodiya Restaurant, Coriander Leaf (CHIJMES), The Song of India, Indline, Zaffron Kitchen (Westgate)
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Slightly less disappointed than the previous experience, but it's really v different from the ENAQ I RMB.

This one had some parts reaching Mr and Mrs Mohgan level of crispiness and other parts lacking crisp completely

The one below was crispy probably when it was just cooked, but by the time it reached me it was only slightly crispy. The one on top was soggy, wasn't even properly crisped up. DK what went wrong today

So they will carve the chicken, very skillfully I might add, then drizzle a generous amount of lemon(I assure you it doesnt taste too sour at all in the end) and butter gravy, before topping with fried rice grains. Looks v appetising >


Not gonna lie it wasn't as if meatsmith surpassed expectations every single time, but damn this one was a satisfying meal. Portion was perfect for two, and the chicken was masterfully roasted. Breast was juicy, and the aroma from the marinade was incredible.

The butter sauce(as in the butter chicken gravy, not the western butter sauce) and the generous lemon(which amounted to just a nice hint when all was mixed) made each mouthful of meat and fluffy rice an addictive adventure. Highly recommended, RMB that this is for 2 so good to get 3 people if u wanted to use beyond with this


Pretty decent. The exterior was charred perfectly and the tomato relish was beautifully tangy as well. Curry leaves were a nice addition too. Probably as good as a vegetarian dish is gonna get.

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Wasn't as impressive as I tot, but the salt flakes were glorious. There's sth about it that fills ur entire mouth without being too salty at all

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Btw aged duck is 75 for one duck, and it's off menu. Guess u can call in to enquire

Life changing. Perhaps the only complaint is the portion. Nonetheless, as my dining partner puts it, each piece releases so much flavour as you keep chewing, you could eat a whole plate of rice with this. The texture is really unique, it's tender but not those melt in your mouth kind. It's slightly gelatinous, nonetheless enjoyable. And it's a wonder how much deep flavour they manage to pack in there. The heat is strong, but not overwhelming

This is the second time a lamb/mutton dish made me go wtf lamb/mutton can do this??? First one is char siew lamb by salted and hung. Don't think I need to say it but MUST TRY!!!

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Absolutely delicious. Texture was rather on point, and there's a lot of spices GG on. Really lacking the experience and the vocabulary to describe this lol. It's predominantly savoury, with a slow but strong burn. Not much of other flavours except a bit of sweetness, and frigging fragrant. Portion was pretty good as well, considering the amount of water that it necessitates ><

Really the best Indian food I've had so far, as of 2774 reviews. Need to keep exploring...

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Don't order this. Really plain. Abit crispy at the bottom but otherwise cannot make it

Really generous portion, the first serving is enough to feed most alr. Briyani rice was super fluffy. Cabbage was not bad while the brinjal was impressive. Slight tang, lots of umami and excellent texture. It's the only thing I got a second serving of. MUST TRY for the brinjal

Would travel for food

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