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Featuring Meatsmith (Little India), Timbre+, Sin Ming Roti Prata (Faisal & Aziz Curry Muslim Food), New Mahamoodiya Restaurant, Springleaf Prata Place (Thong Soon Avenue), ENAQ Restaurant (Jurong East), Table Restaurant & Bar, The Roti Prata House, The Song of India, British Indian Curry Hut
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Because you're too much for me. đŸ¤­

The amount of rice is 4x of my usual portion. Damn gurllll. đŸ˜±


Quite flavourful, and not over the top. Not smoky enough though compared to the ikan bilis one

Was actl soggy. Saw them leave a few at the side. Cant recall it happening last time before the change lol

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Wtf this was so incredibly good. The wok hei was insane, with many Burnt bits to boot. Ikan bilis was also probably Fried, it has a long-lasting crunch and it packed much saltiness. The fact that the dish wasnt uniformly salty only made it better. A must try here for sure

Really good, as usual for enaq. The mutton was incredibly tender, even the lean cuts and you could pull it apart easily with just fork and spoon. There's a sublime tang in the gravy that's distinct but not overpowering. Unfortunately there isnt a name for this particularly type of curry that the waiting staff knows so i guess i have to keep coming back here for this dish >

Pretty damn good also. Its like a thick mutton stew, with fork tender pieces of mutton and a little heat. Probably goes super well with rice, but not bad with naan also

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Plain, garlic, stuffed(sweet) and one more kind. Some pieces were Slightly crispy, otherwise it was okay only. quite a generous portion tho, we(3 guys) barely finished it

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Despite the fiasco, i have to admit their butter Chicken was pretty good. Really complex flavour, with a sour taste that's very appetizing and sets them apart from the usual sweet taste profile of butter Chicken. Best dish of the meal


FOR SOME REASON THEY CLAIM BURPPLE AND QUANDOO ARE TWO DIFFERENT APPS AND SO THEY DONT ALLOW BEYOND if u reserve using quandoo from Burpple. They wont even allow us to cancel the quandoo reservation to use beyond.

Never had it before, and though this seems like a decent rendition, it's not really my thing. Creamy enough, but lacks any sort of distinctive taste

Always impressed with egg Pratas here when it's served immediately after being cooked (since for bigger orders they would hold until all the orders are ready). Even the parts with egg would be crispy, but they really lose their crisp very quickly so it's a race against time. My advice is to get at most 1 egg Prata for yourself, as the parts with egg are gonna lose their crisp by the time u get to the second piece


Milder than the Potato dish, this was still fragrant

Expected gooey peanut butter, like those in waffles, but for some reason the peanut butter was solid and sparse, not to mention bitter. Not recommended at all

Would travel for food

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