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Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Absolutely delicious. Their rice was fluffy and I liked the mild but distinct spice. The mutton curry was good as ever and the small mutton chunks were even more tender than usual. Potato veg was full bodied yet lighter than the mutton so it's provides brief respite of heat yet continues the flavour bomb.

Their pratas might have deproved but the briyani is still smashing.

This is the only dish that seems like it's correctly spelled. Yes I'm salty because everything else is atas why can't you put in effort to get the spelling right.

Anyway this is at the Riverwalk, near jumbo basically. It's across the road from the circular road boat quay stretch, please don't make the same mistake as us and take a whole big round just cos we saw "circular road" lol

Anyway the gravy was pretty decent as well, a tinge of sour and sweetness that goes well with the generous number of tiger prawns(8pieces) strong cardamom

Service was proactive and asked us if we needed extra naan after we finished our basket and had half the curry left. My suggestion is always order just 1 for 2 for 2 pax first, keep adding as you're halfway through so that the naans come crispy instead of becoming soggy if you start with like 4 pcs or sth.

Anyway this garlic naan was quite mild but I liked it due to the herbs. Decent crisp too

Honestly this might come across as racist but I feel that at any Indian place, while you can distinguish the difference when you first taste the curries, as you heap mouthful after mouthful of naan it really makes no difference because each bite is flavourful and they're all of around the same consistency. Point is that while each curry is unique they're also not really that unique so don't be too stressed about your choice. Also that's why it's important that a restaurant does everything adequately, or else one weak dish(curry) would be super obvious as you're alternating between them

This is a pretty atas restaurant. A lot of angmoh, the location is quite good, the vibes pretty solid as well. So why are there so many misspellings? 3 out of the 4 items we ordered were spelt wrongly. Come on this usually happens only to those Chinese restaurants that Google translates everything

Tender mutton, but otherwise quite mild. This dish really encapsulates this restaurant, very safe and Just satisfactory enough but not intense therefore not super shiok.

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kadai or kadhai paneer is paneer cooked with capsicums basically. Capsicums are really special stuff lol, it can be so hated usually but can be so delicious when done well, giving rise to a lot of complexity when combined with curry. This was an enjoyable and competent version

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Butter ckn. Ckn was tender but could do with a bit more char. The gravy was quite thick, think they added minced paneer? Sweet and creamy but very restaurant style(safe and rounded flavours)

Is basically deep fried now. So the good news is they remain crisp for a decent amount of time(the egg still doesn't really maintain though) and while it's not overly greasy, the bad news is that there's no resemblance of normal prata anymore I guess. Completely different from the golden age ENAQ, don't refer to any reviews before 2019? Nonetheless this is still passable, if they can keep up this standard then it's worth a try if you're in the area

This was pretty good, the spices used were mild but tantalising

Quite well spiced, it's the kind that less umami but still good. Mutton was very tender too

I didn't like the mint raita. This doesn't taste anything like a normal raita, it's yoghurt with a strong hit of rice wine?

The biryani rice was good but the stunner was the ckn. It's tender ofc and it wasn't like overly spiced but somehow it's a league above the normal ckn in good briyanis. No idea what's the secret but not complaining. Must try

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Their naans are quite different from normal. It's denser and has a better bite. Really good and the crisp lasts awhile. I particularly liked the toasted nuts, which I understand is not easy to get right(undertoasted or burnt).

Not the cheapest but worth a try

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Tender pieces of mutton, in a very well spiced curry with medium body and tiny bit of heat. Again, quite different from any mutton curry I've had.

Would travel for food

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