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Featuring Timbre+, Meatsmith (Little India), Sin Ming Roti Prata (Faisal & Aziz Curry Muslim Food), Springleaf Prata Place (Thong Soon Avenue), New Mahamoodiya Restaurant, ENAQ Restaurant (Jurong East), The Roti Prata House, Table Restaurant & Bar, Indline, The Song of India
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu
Wuu Yyiizzhhoouu

Milder than the Potato dish, this was still fragrant

Expected gooey peanut butter, like those in waffles, but for some reason the peanut butter was solid and sparse, not to mention bitter. Not recommended at all

A great choice for dessert Prata, this honey Banana has a crispy exterior and goreng pisang-esque filling of sweet, complex soft Bananas

Really flavourful unexpectedly. I mean I know there's cheese inside but I think there's something about the dough as well that makes it really flavourful. Could be more crispy tho(again, probably cos I'm spoiled by enaq)

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Slightly crispy and overall still decent. Heard it's better than both victory and zamzam right next door, so I guess luckily I didnt go there.

My friend was super impressed though, so I guess I'm just too spoiled by enaq


Never understood the charm of maggi goreng and still don't after the plate. It's fine but the highlight was the fork tender and well marinated mutton, which can be ordered separately lol.

Chicken tikka, but studded in a chunky and satisfying gravy. Really thick texture and another stunner, save for the fact that one or two of the chicken pieces weren't piping hot. Another highly recommended dish

All manners of velvety, sweet, savoury, and just a tinge of sourness. Utterly delightful and it's so rich in flavour. Definitely one of their highlights and a must try

Really good with a nice fragrance of garlic while the cheese wasn't too pronounced. Really really crispy on the bottom but it loses the crisp fast as well so do share. Otherwise nice chewy texture

Not as crazy about it as some people are, but I do admit it's really comforting from the gooey cheese. While it doesn't pick up curry as well, it's surprisingly crispy given that there's filling(compared to the egg prata for example)

Turns out the item we didn't even plan on ordering was the one that impressed us the most. Homemade marshmallow that was soft and creamy, with notes of lime and even stronger notes of cinnamon, enveloped by a layer of caramelized sugar(crispy and shatters like a creme brulee's). Utterly delicious and not to be shared!

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Not very consistent despite my high hopes. While my pork was crispy and juicy, my friend's was hard on the outside and slightly tough on the inside. Raita was quite average but the fluffy briyani rice was pretty good with the chopped nuts and berries.

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Would travel for food

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