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Because we happened to be in the Upper Bukit Timah area, we walked along the bustling stretch of eateries facing Beauty World Shopping Mall in search of dinner. That’s how we ended up at “Lao Jiang Superior Soup”. I picked their signature dish - the “Superior Soup with Ipoh Hor Fun (dry style)” and was very pleased with my decision.
The soup was indeed flavourful but I feel it still can’t beat the super concentrated goodness cooked by “Yan Ji Seafood Soup” (the one at Old Airport Road Hawker Centre).
This stall’s did however, contain a good mix of ingredients: two prawns, a few pieces each of fish maw, sliced pork and fish, one fishball, one meatball, a little bit of minced pork plus beancurd skin rolls. Pretty decent for the $9.50 price tag.
Alter having some of my god-daughter’s soup version of the same dish, also with Ipoh Hor Fun, I have to say I prefer the dry. She also shared the same opinion. Not because the soup one wasn’t good but the noodles in the dry version came tossed in an appetising black sauce with pork lard oil. There were even small pieces of crunchy pork lard mixed in too. All of this made the smooth, soft strands of the Ipoh Hor Fun really fragrant and tasty.