So 4 fingers was running a promotion to gain market feedback on their new product. Not sure if the burger is new but the chicken munchies was something I’ve not seen before .

Sandwiched in between the buns is a crispy thick chicken thigh that is marinated with their signature soy glaze. There’s also nacho cheese - so the picture actually showed nacho cheese In a container which I thought was supposedly for me to dip my chicken munchies in but the cheese came as a sauce on top of the chicken thigh.

While the burger was good, the munchies were a huge high disappointment. Through freshly fried and crispy, it was totally tasteless and so very bland. The powder coating seemed like the kimchi powder but it didn’t help at all. I didn’t go for a second piece after the first. Perhaps if I had the nacho cheese dip, things could have been better ??

Nonetheless, you will get to receive a $5 voucher if you purchase one of their two existing promotion and provide your feedback to the staff when they come to you.