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Chu Ning
Chu Ning

This was pretty good.
Pork was on the salty side but complemented well with the veggies
Sourdough was not those hard kind. Poached egg was beautiful w the gooey centre.

Love the scrambled eggs !!! Truffle taste wasn’t too overpowering but I recommend to share w someone else

Came w spinach and lots of mushroom on a sourdough

I love how huge the portion is

Some items on this plate was a hit and miss for me. Esp loved the sourdough bread, baked beans and the potatoes. The bread was toasted and buttered so it’s soft and crisp at the same time. The potatos was seasoned w some spices I guess ? But I loved it.

Bacon was abit dry for my liking.

Their breakfast plate had a good variety of ingredients, similar to what other cafes offer.

Can I say I really love the sourdough ? It’s crispy at the edges and soft inside !!! Yummms paired it with the scrambled eggs and bacon 👍🏻

Comes w a glass of orange juice as well

The cafe was pretty small but homely, located a few mins walk from lola’s cafe!

Menu had a good variety of choices fr sides to mains and pastas.

Ordered the pizza which had pesto as the base and topped off with prawns, capsicums and crabmeat. This was surprisingly good fr the cheesy pizza that I always eat.

The truffle pasta came with bacon and mushroom . I love the sauce, it’s not overly creamy and the truffle taste was just nice.
Pricing is ard $16.

Service was v good.

As a fan of pulled pork or really just pork, I think this burger was pretty good. This restaurant was hailed fr Amsterdam.

The bun was generously sprinkled with sesame seeds. BBQ sauce did overpower the pulled pork after you eat a few mouthfuls. But I think there was another sauce to kinda balance the overall taste. I think they are more famous for their beef burgers instead so maybe shd give those a try !!

Pretty filling. We ordered a side of fries to share as well.

Fave fave fave bread from this bakery!!!
A really good breakfast item. There’s luncheon meat, egg and maybe abit of mayo? Bread was fluffy and soft !!

Slightly disappointed that one of the eggs was overcooked, not flowy at all. The smoked salmon was pretty salty but came in a very generous portion.

I enjoyed the English muffin as it was toasted such that that it was slightly crispy. Overall, this dish was a hit and miss.

Yay McGriddles Is back !! Love true melted cheese w the patty, egg and the warm ‘pancake’ which had a tinge of sweetness

So 4 fingers was running a promotion to gain market feedback on their new product. Not sure if the burger is new but the chicken munchies was something I’ve not seen before .

Sandwiched in between the buns is a crispy thick chicken thigh that is marinated with their signature soy glaze. There’s also nacho cheese - so the picture actually showed nacho cheese In a container which I thought was supposedly for me to dip my chicken munchies in but the cheese came as a sauce on top of the chicken thigh.

While the burger was good, the munchies were a huge high disappointment. Through freshly fried and crispy, it was totally tasteless and so very bland. The powder coating seemed like the kimchi powder but it didn’t help at all. I didn’t go for a second piece after the first. Perhaps if I had the nacho cheese dip, things could have been better ??

Nonetheless, you will get to receive a $5 voucher if you purchase one of their two existing promotion and provide your feedback to the staff when they come to you.

So so so good !!!!!
My first visit was to their London outlet and the the flavors were exactly the same.

Bread was buttered and toasted and was still very fluffy. Lobster portion was very substantial. Every bite was filled with a good ratio of meat and bun. Loved the gravy as well which I poured over the lobster meat and dipped my skinny fries into !!!!

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This was quite sinful cos the chicken was deep fried. Recommended for sharing as I think will get sore throat next day if you finish the entire burger hahaha chicken didn’t have much of a flavor. Quite mild in taste but was quite tender

Chu Ning

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Forever hungry • Can be seen munching on a slice of pizza most of the times

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