Featuring Curious Palette, Wu Pao Chun (Capitol Singapore), Osia Steak & Seafood Grill (Resorts World Sentosa), 4Fingers Crispy Chicken (ION Orchard), the kins', Gather, Korio, Common Man Coffee Roasters (Stanley Street), Burger & Lobster (Jewel Changi Airport), Cheeky
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thanks macs for the free mcspicy!!! redeemed this as part of their national day freebie

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slow cooked pulled pork, baby spinach, green apple, apple cider hollandaise, poached eggs on sourdough. after awhile i felt the taste was pretty one dimensional

triple brioche was pretty filling! enjoyed the different ingredients that were layered in between such as pulled pork, ham and cheese. nicely paired with avocado and salad. you can choose your choice of eggs and i went with the poached egg which was perfect when it was cut into.

lots of cheese and mayo for the tatter tots which i appreciated.

carbonara also came w a perfectly poached egg. sauce was creamy but not overly jerlat which was great

matcha latte had a strong matcha taste but the almond latte was lacking the nutty taste. tasted like a normal latte.

burgers were soo good!! juicy and tender. will go for the double next time

nuggets were crispy but i think macs is good enough 😅

fries had the cajun seasoning on it. abit spicy

the chicken sando had yuzu marinated grilled chiken, smashed avocado, overeasy egg, furikake garlic aioli, cheddar and tomato relish. i couldn’t really taste the yuzu taste as the tomato relish kind of overpowered it but overall still enjoyed this combo. chicken was rather substantial and tender.

the tamagoyaki sando consisted of tamogoyaki, truffle sauce, egg salad and kombu mayo. truffle taste not super distinct.

we went with no.4 Chiffonade of ham, organic egg sunny side up, over sautéed mushrooms, Comté cheese and no.7 French pork sausage, onion confit marinated in 23 cider, old style mustard cream, comte cheese.

i enjoyed the pork sausage galette more as i’m
not a huge fan of mushrooms.

one of their recommended galettes - classic ham, mixed cheddar and an egg

the egg oozed out when being cut into and the edges of the galette was crispy while the middle remained soft.

served with 4 cheese and grilled perfectly!!
love it

Fried chicken with waffles is not new to the brunch scene. this was served with salted egg sauce which was pretty lumpy and we felt it didn’t really belong to this dish. just maple syrup would do the trick.

the charcoal waffles was fluffy and the slab of butter gave it that tinge of saltiness. We had to debone the fried chicken, would be better if it’s chicken cutlet or sth.

super not worth for $4.80
taste v normal

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nice but i don’t think it’s worth $13 given that it’s spam and egg as the main components…

and the photos on their insta showed that there were more egg mayo 🥹 also the egg mayo is only concentrated in the middle, there’s none at the edges

pretty decent. cheese was stretchy, chicken came in sizable chunks, topped with pineapples, capsicum and some veg. some hidden onions inside.

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c n

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i love pastas and pizzas!

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