Over at Adam Road Food Centre, there are a number of stalls selling nasi lemak however, only two neighboring stalls stood out among the rest.

Since it is my first time there, I do not know which is the better one but I decided to go for Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak simply for the fact that they do not serve fried peanuts which I am not very fond of.

The seven options on their menu have interesting names, ranging from "Flash Meal" that consists the very basics like ikan bilis and egg with coconut rice, cucumber slices and sambal chili ($2.90) to the "Royal Rumble" ($5.90) which contained everything they have like fried chicken wing and ikan kuning.

I ordered the "Royal Flush" ($5.40) which consists of a fried chicken wing, an otah wrapped in banana leaf, a begedil, a fried egg, ikan bilis, sambal chili and a few slices of cucumber together with coconut rice.

The stall uses basmati rice which is low in GI (Glycemic Index) and can particularly help manage glucose levels in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Anyway, the rice is extremely light and fluffy and full of pandan fragrance with hints of savory notes to it.

The sambal chili is more sweet than spicy and goes rather well with the rice.

I have extremely high hopes for the chicken wing but alas, it is cold to the touch while the marinade is slightly underwhelming. The only redemption is that the chicken tastes fresh and the batter is still crispy.

There is a certain flavor in this begedil not found in other begedils which makes it very appealing.

The otah is cold as well but there is a spicy kick to it that I like.

The ikan bilis are delightfully crunchy.

The egg yolk is fully cooked instead of being runny.

To me, the basmati rice is the highlight of the meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only gripe is that other than the rice, everything else on the plate is served cold.

I can turn a blind eye to the fried egg, begedil and otah but cold chicken wing?

If only the fried chicken wing is served hot, the over all experience would have been more pleasant.

But, what do I know?

Apparently, Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak is the preferred breakfast for the Sultan of Brunei each time he is here in Singapore. Also, PM Lee once hosted Indonesia's President Joko Widodo for breakfast and guess what is on the menu?

While it might be the most famous nasi lemak in Singapore but is it truly the best?