Halal Food

Halal Food

Featuring Traditional Haig Road Putu Piring (Haig Road Market & Food Centre), Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak (Adam Road Food Centre), Selamat Datang Warong Pak Sapari (Adam Road Food Centre), Pak Mandor & Family, Queenstown Lontong (Tanglin Halt Food Centre), Nasi Lemak Ayam Taliwang (Yishun Park Hawker Centre), Selera Restaurant, Healthy Kopitiam (Ng Teng Fong General Hospital), Rosy & Nora (Haig Road Market & Food Centre), Uncle Penyet (Kampung Admiralty Hawker Centre)
Dee Cee
Dee Cee

For the lamb curry puff, I personally liked the curried potato cubes and chunky lamb meat that are generously stuffed within the pastry. It is almost like dry rendang.
But best of all, it is affordably priced at just $1.30 which is the same as their chicken curry puff and sardine curry puff. It would have easily sold for at least $1.50 across the road!
As for the spring roll, there is really nothing to complain about. The skin is crispy, the size is huge and it is filled with piping hot mang guang (shredded jicama) that is deliciously sweet. Oh, I love it!
The goreng pisang is another winner here. Biting past the crunchy batter, the banana encased within is soft and creamy - almost molten-like as its sweetness spreads in my mouth cavity. If I could describe it crudely, I would say it is like having an orgasm in my mouth!
For $1.40, I am getting the whole ripened banana and not the usual halved slices where it is sold at $2 for 6 pieces elsewhere (those are usually unripe with a tart flavor).
Trust me, one Selera's goreng pisang will never be enough. Do yourself a favor and get a few more to indulge in.
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Mahan Food, a Malay Muslim stall located inside Foodclique at Blk 132 Jurong Gateway Road.
The stall sells nasi padang, lontong, mee siam, mee rebus and mee soto.
Other than the nasi padang, their noodle dishes are all priced affordably at $3. I ordered a bowl of mee soto and I could not resist the temptation of adding a begedil and fried chicken wing to complete my meal. The total bill came up to $5.20.
The yellow noodle is topped with bean sprouts and generous chunks of tender chicken meat that come with bits of skin. It is then further garnished with fried shallots and coriander (parsley? cilantro?) with a dollop of sambal kicap.
The yellow noodles were a little softer than al dente. Fortunately, the crunch from the bean sprouts complemented it.
The strength of the sambal kicap is rather mild so it is good news for those who cannot take spiciness.
The broth is strong and rich yet not overpowering. It has many layers of flavors and a balance of spices unlike the many versions out there that are weak and had a lack of depth of flavor.

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I love the presentation on the plate: a mound of fragrant coconut rice topped with a wobbly fried egg is accompanied by the grilled chicken leg, tempe, peanuts with anchovies, cucumber slices and sambal chili.
The aromatic flavors of the sweet smelling coconut rice is further accentuated by the square piece of banana leaf it seats on.

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At Pak Mandor Nasi Lemak, you can pick your favorite ingredients ala carte but I simply pointed to the photo on the signboard and told the kak kak that I wanted the same combination which consisted of coconut rice, a fried chicken wing, a fried kuning fish, an omelette and the usual condiments like peanuts, ikan bilis, cucumber and sambal chili.

I thought a combo like this with both fried fish and fried chicken would have cost at least $4 but no, all these cost just a mere $3!

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When I saw the photos of their ayam panggang set ($5.50), I am sold. Everything about the dish, from the colors to the plating just seems so perfect together.
Covered in a sweet, savory black sauce, the grilled chicken leg sits on a bed of lettuce accompanied by fresh, crunchy cucumber slices and baby tomatoes. By its side, drenched in a lemak curry sauce is white rice with a dollop of sambal belacan.
The grilled chicken leg is cooked through to the bones without any signs of blood yet manages to lock in its juices, keeping the meat moist and tender.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2019/10/nasi-ayam-panggang-kampung-admiralty.html
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Set A (soft boiled eggs, kaya toast, kopi @ $2.50) + ala carte sardine sandwich @ $2.
This is not the first time @kopitiam_tst has failed me with their soft boiled eggs. Never again!
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Another “极品” from @kopitiam_tst at #NgTengFong.
The noodle is soggy, clumpy with a strong alkaline smell and the sauce is nothing like the norm.
Seriously, the management at @kopitiam_tst dont eat their own food one ah?
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Queenstown Lontong serves typical Malay breakfast such as nasi lemak, lontong, mee rebus, mee siam, mee soto and soto ayam.
I am stoked to see the gravy almost overflowing from the edge of the bowl!
I am uncertain what goes in the gravy but the complex flavors of sweet and savory took my breathe away.
The texture of the noodle is quite soft with just a little spring to it and the gravy clung well onto it. I closed my eyes in contentment to allow my tongue to frolic with the gravy in my mouth.
Read more: https://thedeadcockroach.blogspot.com/2019/03/queenstown-lontong-tanglin-halt-food.html
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Over at Adam Road Food Centre, there are a number of stalls selling nasi lemak however, only two neighboring stalls stood out among the rest.

Since it is my first time there, I do not know which is the better one but I decided to go for Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak simply for the fact that they do not serve fried peanuts which I am not very fond of.

The seven options on their menu have interesting names, ranging from "Flash Meal" that consists the very basics like ikan bilis and egg with coconut rice, cucumber slices and sambal chili ($2.90) to the "Royal Rumble" ($5.90) which contained everything they have like fried chicken wing and ikan kuning.

I ordered the "Royal Flush" ($5.40) which consists of a fried chicken wing, an otah wrapped in banana leaf, a begedil, a fried egg, ikan bilis, sambal chili and a few slices of cucumber together with coconut rice.

The stall uses basmati rice which is low in GI (Glycemic Index) and can particularly help manage glucose levels in people with Type 2 diabetes.

Anyway, the rice is extremely light and fluffy and full of pandan fragrance with hints of savory notes to it.

The sambal chili is more sweet than spicy and goes rather well with the rice.

I have extremely high hopes for the chicken wing but alas, it is cold to the touch while the marinade is slightly underwhelming. The only redemption is that the chicken tastes fresh and the batter is still crispy.

There is a certain flavor in this begedil not found in other begedils which makes it very appealing.

The otah is cold as well but there is a spicy kick to it that I like.

The ikan bilis are delightfully crunchy.

The egg yolk is fully cooked instead of being runny.

To me, the basmati rice is the highlight of the meal and I thoroughly enjoyed it. My only gripe is that other than the rice, everything else on the plate is served cold.

I can turn a blind eye to the fried egg, begedil and otah but cold chicken wing?

If only the fried chicken wing is served hot, the over all experience would have been more pleasant.

But, what do I know?

Apparently, Selera Rasa Nasi Lemak is the preferred breakfast for the Sultan of Brunei each time he is here in Singapore. Also, PM Lee once hosted Indonesia's President Joko Widodo for breakfast and guess what is on the menu?

While it might be the most famous nasi lemak in Singapore but is it truly the best?


With reviews touting it as "unbeatable" and "unparalleled" in Singapore, I have to come try it for myself to see whether they really live up to those claims.

I was there an hour earlier before the lunch crowd arrive so there were only a couple of people in the queue which cleared pretty fast. When it came to my turn, I ordered a bowl of mee soto ($3.50) and added a bergedil ($1).

After receiving my order, I scooped two tablespoons of sambal kicap into my bowl for the extra kick.

My bowl of yellow noodles is topped with shredded chicken, fried shallots, coriander and of course my precious bergedil.

While the color of the broth may not seem the least appetising, it is richly flavored and aromatic. I find the taste of star anise slightly overpowering though.

The sambal kicap is one of the most potent ones I have come across and it certainly added some dimensions to the flavors. I normally have a high tolerance for chili but this is my first time having beads of sweat rolling off my forehead as I eat.

As for the bergedil, it is firm and did not fall apart despite being half submerged in the broth. According to my research, the bergedil was selling for $0.50 a piece in 2016. Two years on and price have since doubled to a dollar. Damn inflation!

So, is this mee soto as formidable as they say?

In my opinion, no.

Without a doubt, this is still one of the better ones among those that I have tried but I have had better ones.

The maggi goreng special consists of a portion of fried maggi noodles, a fried egg, cheese fries and cubes of mutton steak.

The noodles owe its intense color to the secret sauce in which they were fried in.

However, do not be alarmed by its intimidating appearance for the noodles are just mildly flavored without being overly spicy, sweet or salty.

The mutton steak is succulent. The ones with a bit of fat tastes slightly more gamey than the ones without but on the whole, it is not so bad. The sauce could be a tad too cloying but makes a good dip for the fries if you have run out of cheese sauce.

The crinkle-cut fries is piping hot and unsalted just the way I like them although I will be happier with shoestring fries. The amount of mayo and cheese sauce drizzled on top would put McDonald's to shame.

My yolk is fully cooked, unfortunately.

I would have given this dish more brownie points if the yolk is runny.

In all honesty, the food tastes nothing out of the ordinary but it makes for a satisfying meal.

It is especially comforting to have on a wet day when paired with a cup of teh halia to wash down all the grease.

Alas, the $7 pricing is a little steep for me to make a repeat visit anytime soon.

The ball kentang is much bigger than my fist clenched. The ball sits in a bowl of what seemed like onion soup to me which is filled with generous servings of onions, cucumber and fried shallots.

When I tried to lift the ball up for a video, the entire thing just falls apart, exposing the ground beef hidden inside.

The soup is way too peppery for my liking but the kentang and ground beef is quite okay. There are some potato cubes hidden in the mashed potato so it provided some texture.

I finished most of the kentang and ground beef but there's still a lot of onions and soup left which gets jelak after a few mouthfuls.


Dee Cee

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