Is it “bingsoo” or “bingsu”? I always get confused 😛

I tried the Matcha Bingsu (Regular $11.90, Large $14.90) at Nunsaram Korean Dessert Cafe. I ordered the Regular, but was a little disappointed because it was much smaller than what I had seen on the pictures of other Burpple reviews (I suppose other Burpplers are not as stingy as me and ordered the Large, lol😅). For $11.90, I think it’s a little not worth it, considering the size.

However, the shaved ice is pretty fine, and I liked that the matcha flavour was quite distinct (there was a second layer of matcha powder hidden beneath, so it’s not all plain ice). The Bingsu was topped with sweet red bean paste, two small chunks of rice cake, and a matcha ice cream (which tasted kind of like cheap green tea ice cream). Overall, it’s a decent bingsu, just not the best.

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