The next time you are craving for some Hong Kong food before your flight or if you happen to be around the Changi Airport area, you can check out Terrace Chinese Kitchen at Terminal 1 Viewing Mall!

~Cart Noodles (Price varies)
~Pork Spare Ribs with Capsicum & Black Bean Sauce served with Rice ($16)
~Authentic Cantonese Fresh Shrimp Wonton Soup ($10)
~French Toast with Syrup & Butter ($6)

I enjoyed the Cart Noodles, which is entirely customisable from the choice of noodles to broth and ingredients. We chose instant noodles and braised spicy beef broth, topping it with braised beef brisket, curry pork skin, and curry fishball. Another dish I liked was the Authentic Cantonese Fresh Shrimp Wonton Soup! I liked that each wonton was plump and had fillings like ti po (dried sole fish) inside! We ended our meal with the Indulgent French Toast with Syrup & Butter.

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