This comes with their signature mochi donut and this time, instead of underpinning a chunky, helix tower of softserve, you get a scoop of gelato which comes in a choice of 3 flavours — Madagascan Vanilla, Valrhona Chocolate and Earl Grey, interspersed with some fresh mint leaves. 😯

And surrounding the perimeter are some toasted almonds, peanut butter granola and caramel-apple sauce.

Perhaps it’s just my nostalgia speaking, but something about this combo just doesn’t hit like it used to? I can’t quite put a finger on why either. Their new brand just seems more serious and mature and that influences the way I should approach their dishes.

I could very well be overthinking it too. It’s not bad at all, really - perhaps I just need to give them a couple more shots! 🥴