It was the height of Taytay mania when we were invited to @fattchoyeatinghouse, and of course they had something Swiftie themed. Yup, they created three cocktails and cheekily called the trio (Taylor’s Version). First up is a variation on Taylor’s fave cocktail, the French Blonde, which is the Tropical Blonde at Fatt Choy ($20++ a glass). ⠀

The other Swiftie cocktail that was more my Style is the I Knew You Were Trouble ($20++). A simple blend of whisky, soda water & sour plum, this sour & salty concoction was unexpectedly delicious. The sour & salty qualities of the sour plum heightened the notes of honey & grain from the whisky, while the whisky supplied most of the weight of the body. This charming cocktail definitely Enchanted me, and I’m glad this cocktail was Mine for the night.⠀

Thank you for hosting us, @kevin._.ngan & @fattchoyeatinghouse!

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