Honestly not bad, but lacks the kick as it isn't peppery enough. Tried their new promotional item - charcoal youtiao ($2++). Didn't taste any different from the normal youtiao, except for the colour and the poster said that charcoal has detoxifying properties so i guess it is good for the body? Used the burpple 1 for 1 and got the prosperity bkt ($7.80++) for free. You can choose any mains of a higher value (not necessarily bkt). Ordered the premium ribs ($11.80++) which were tender. Managed to earn another 2 free drinks (homemade barley $2.50++) after i "recommended" the place on facebook. Spent a total of $28.95 for 2 pax.

Another thing to note is that the reserve button on burpple doesn't work. They don't use the website anymore so you have to call in to reserve if you dont arrive early enough.