Tried British Hainan with friends who live around the area. They recommended the place for its oxtail stew, ambience and friendly owners and I’m really glad we went! Interestingly enough, this corner unit with its bright signboard caught my eye as I was on the way to their place so it was really coincidental when they suggested having dinner here!!

We ordered the fried tofu (crisp enough, wasn’t too greasy, and went great with the spicy chilli), and 3 mains to share - oxtail stew, hainanese pork chop and Hainanese curry rice.

The oxtail stew was truly the star of the show. The broth was rich and savoury-sweet. The baguette slices were lightly toasted and made a great vehicle for mopping up as much of the stew as possible. The oxtail meat was really tender and fall off the bone, while the vegetables (celery, carrots, potatoes) were fork tender, infused with the beef aroma, and overall just delicious.

Must order if you visit British Hainan! With a bottle of beer or the Hainan Cooler to chase it all down.

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