Restaurant Meals

Restaurant Meals

Featuring Oriole Coffee + Bar (Somerset), The Coffee Academics (Scotts Square), Mad For Garlic, The Coffee Academics (Raffles City), Sarnies (Telok Ayer), Three Meals A Day (Beauty World), Fat Bird (Bugis), Full of Luck Restaurant, Yardbird Southern Table & Bar, The Chop House (VivoCity)
Melissa Chee
Melissa Chee

Se7enth is on Burpple Beyond and Entertainer, but beware that there are differences in the items that you can redeem with these programs. On Burpple Beyond, you can choose from the Mains, Pastas or two of the Chef’s Signatures while the latter is not included in Entertainer.

Thankfully, the signature beef burger is included in both of these and I would definitely recommend ordering this if you actually visit Se7enth. Make sure you add on the complimentary fried egg and bacon to make the most of your money’s worth. At $30, I think the food is very pricey for the portion despite the side salad and fries, especially without a 1-for-1 offer. It’s quite a good deal with Beyond or Entertainer though. The beef patty comes well done by default, and they don’t ask what doneness you want, but it’s well executed, juicy and definitely not too tough. Goes really well with the fried egg and bacon too. Salad veggies are fresh and come with a dash of sesame dressing. Fries are fried to a golden brown and were very enjoyable!

I personally didn’t think our experience was fantastic. Service was a little amateurish. One of the waitstaff spilled a dish at a different table. Also, though we ordered a hor fun dish, the staff didn’t ask who was having the dish before changing the utensils at our table. That said, they are very attentive in refilling water. In my opinion, Se7enth wouldn’t garner a second visit, but if you’re looking for a place for a very quiet dinner on a weekend night, this is it (there were only 3 other occupied tables throughout the duration we were there!).


Diets can wait when you visit AMANO. Apart from their handmade pastas, the chocolate lava cake is definitely worth a try, especially if you’re a choco-holic.

Take note that the chocolate lava cake usually comes with vanilla gelato, but they were out, and they offered chocolate gelato instead so we had a double dose of chocolate (yay!).

There wasn’t a long waiting time for the lava cake, and while it wasn’t served piping hot, it was warm, and oozed lava from the first spoonful. The chocolate was rich and decadent, so the fresh fruits helped to give a little reprieve. This was one of the better lava cakes I’ve had in recent months.

The chocolate gelato melted a bit too quickly, but it tasted heavenly. Instead of pure chocolate, the gelato is more of chocolate hazelnut. Think Nutella in gelato form, because the hazelnuts really came through!

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Nestled in a quiet Namly neighbourhood is this lovely new Italian restaurant. We visited on a Saturday night without a reservation but thankfully they weren’t super packed that day (it’s usually pretty crowded on weekend nights!).

The mark of really good carbonara is when it’s not overly creamy, but still able to impart a luxurious mouthfeel - this is exactly what AMANO managed to achieve. The pasta was al dente, and it was perfect with the bacon in egg yolk-pecorino cheese sauce. The portion size might look small, but it was satisfying. There’s the option to add on meat into the pastas, but I just went with the classic bacon carbonara combination.

The chef isn’t italian, but this is some really good Italian food in a beautiful setting, with swift service, attentive and friendly staff. I will definitely be back to try the other pastas and pizzas, and to make use of the other BB 1-for-1 offers!

You know that cafe along Orchard Road right in Tangs Marriot that most locals walk past on the way to Far East Plaza but never quite seem to stop and enter? That’s Crossroads Cafe. I think the restaurant is really popular with expatriates or tourists, as it was full even at 7pm on Thursday night.

I confess that if it weren’t for Burpple Beyond, I probably wouldn’t have suggested this as a dinner location with my friends. Crossroads Cafe has two different Burpple Beyond offers - 1 for 1 Main Dishes and 1 for 1 Cocktails. We arrived in time for Happy Hour (before 8pm), and got a Sangria for $10++.

The Chicken Shish Kebab was not eligible for the 1 for 1 offer, but it was one of the seasonal dishes from the Middle East available till 30 November.

For $23, I was very satisfied with the portion size. Though it was quite carb heavy with the pita bread and fries. Perhaps a choice of more salad instead of fries would have been nice. I wasn’t quite a fan of the pita bread as it wasn’t fluffy, it was dense and compacted, plus it was quite hard to cut with a knife. That said, the greek yogurt sauce, mixed greens and grilled chicken were 💯. The chicken kebab was nicely seasoned, plus the meat was super soft. I love the lemon yogurt dressing which added a tang to the grilled chicken.

Definitely worth a shot if you’re visiting Crossroads before end of November.


There’s only two choices on the desserts menu at Sarnies - brownies or acai soft serve. Due to a misunderstanding with the waiter, I ended up getting only one brownie although I was intending to use the Mains + Dessert offer on Entertainer on Thursday night. Oh well. The brownie tasted really nice, probably made even better while I was under the impression that it was free.

All I can say is WOW. This is one good brownie. It’s not fancy, but it’s moist, soft, slightly fudgey, and super chocolatey. Even with my sinus-dulled senses I could still taste so much chocolate in each bite and enjoyed it a lot. Wasn’t too sweet at all but it could’ve been made even better if it were warmed up. Apparently you can have it served with ice cream too as we saw another table with vanilla ice cream beside their brownie.

A tender piece of barramundi with crisp skin served atop pea purée with a decorative dollop of lemon aioli. I love how much thought went into the presentation of this dish, and while the portion of fish wasn’t that large, it was very affordable with Entertainer 1-for-1. The green crispy cracker didn’t have much taste, but food presentation is half the battle, and it sure did elevate this main to the next level. I love how soft and tender the barramundi was, along with the contrasting crisp skin that was so satisfying to cut and bite into. The pea purée was great too, considering I don’t like peas. It wasn’t bland, nor did it have an overly vegetal taste. Also, possibly a healthier alternative to mashed potatoes so I’m not complaining. The lemon aioli is rich and creamy, and pairs really well with the barramundi as well as fries.

A breaded chicken breast with tomato paste, and melted cheese served with coleslaw and fries. This main sure takes me back to Aussie days. For $19, this is definitely very value for money especially considering the size of the chicken and the location of Sarnies. The chicken is perfectly breaded and fried to a golden brown, with just the right quantity of sauces. The breading doesn’t get soggy, and the chicken remains moist and soft on the inside. The coleslaw was not bad, I appreciate that it wasn’t too wet. The fries, while crispy and beautifully fried, tended to be a little too under seasoned. More salt or spices would’ve done the fries some good, but I ended up dipping them in the aioli that came with the barramundi main instead and loved it.

This side was recommended by our server as we were choosing between this and the Arancini. The sliced mushrooms were sautéed in chopped garlic and served with fried garlic chips and sprinkled with coarse grains of rock salt. Overall, I really liked how flavourful and juicy the mushrooms were, and the garlic chips were awesome cause they were crisp but not burnt. I wouldn’t recommend eating the garlic bits sprinkled on the side as there’s lots of sea salt bits in them, they make for nice presentation and deco but too salty to eat on its own. One thing that could be improved on is how oily the dish is though. The top and middle layer were okay but a pool of oil ended up collecting at the bottom.

Finally made my way to the food alley for Xi’an famous foods. I’ve been craving Biang Biang Mian ever since coming back from USA and Canada, so imagine my delight when my friend told me that Biang Biang Mian was available in Singapore too!

Xi’an famous food is located in an alley with tons of other food stalls. You’ll be spoilt for choice, however, you won’t be able to buy food from other stalls as each eatery is standalone.

Seen the spicy cumin seasoned meat buns being reviewed pretty often so of course I had to try it and boy was this good. I love how fragrant the cumin chicken is, and it does have a touch of spiciness to it (depending on how your spice tolerance is). But the spiciness is balanced quite well with the bun too.

I’d definitely be back for this! And to try the other food!


Tried both the white pepper crab and chilli crab in one sitting at No Signboard Seafood as part of a celebration meal. It’s been a really long time since I visited No Signboard and I am pleasantly surprised by how good the chilli crab is. It retains a decent level of spiciness (also not too spicy so more people can enjoy the dish), without letting the sweetness of the tomato sauce dominate the whole dish. I felt there was a semi sweet dried longan aftertaste but none of my dining companions commented about it. The chilli crab gravy here looks a bit like curry-laksa, with runny egg mixed into it. Super delicious dip for the golden mantou goodness!

The white pepper crab is arguably more famous than the chilli crabs here, and I can see why. The pepper fragrance is super inviting, and the thick white pepper sauce was just screaming to be used as a dip. I even poured it over my Ee fu noodles as a gravy. The peppery spice is definitely distinct from chilli spiciness, so even if you’re not into spicy foods, the white pepper gravy is a good alternative.

The crabs at No Signboard are also served pretty well cracked so you don’t actually need to use the crab cracker to get at the meat! If you have a friend who is prone to getting gravy all over themselves or on the people near them, you can get a bib from the waitstaff if you’re wearing light colours.

We had a male crab for the white pepper crab and a female one for the chilli crab. Apart from the roe, I’m not sure if that makes a difference with the sweetness of the meat, but the chilli crab meat tasted many times sweeter than the crab meat from the white pepper crab. That said, both myself and my colleague woke up the following day thinking of the white pepper crab, so there’s definitely something magical in that sauce!

Almost all meat dishes at Curry Times seems to come accompanied by rice, so I specifically requested for the dry curry chicken with no rice and got chap chye for a slightly lighter meal.

The chap chye vegetables are tender and sweet, including the carrots. The black fungus could be crunchier though, but it wasn’t too bad. The dry curry chicken comes with a chef recommendation and it really is quite good. Love the thick curry sauce coating the chicken, with a good amount of spice. The chicken and potato chunks are soft and infused with curry. Very yummy, though quite a lot of oil is used in this dish.

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I think less than 10% of the menu comes without rice unless you specifically request for it, but the soups are one that aren’t automatically served with rice.

Curry Times sells two soups - the ABC soup and fish maw soup. The ABC soup is a hearty clear chicken stew with three chunks of tender chicken, potatoes and carrots. The vegetables are all stewed to impeccable softness, and give easily in your mouth. Overall very satisfying, although also oily as evident from the separation of oil floating on top.

Always biding my time to my next meal. Everything in between just serves to kill time.

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