Burpple Beyond: Our Response to the Upcoming Dine-in Restrictions

Black sugar pearls were not available when I went there (the staff at the cashier shared with me that black sugar pearls are probably available only next week 😕), hence I opted for the fruit drinks. Lychee Rose nectar is the recommended drink but the sugar level is fixed, hence I opted for the next drink in the list - lemon rose nectar with 30% sugar ($3.50) 🍋 🌹

I kinda went in blind after reading an online review of the drink stall in Taiwan and just ordered the drink without asking what exactly it is, hence I was kinda surprised when I saw the basil seeds floating at the top of the drink. There is aloe vera at the bottom (I know from the review lol).

I suppose the low sugar level has made the lemon stands out more than the rose (syrup?), and I like that because it is refreshing, as compared to the standard milk teas. And because it has such an extensive menu, it is one drink shop that I would like to have in my neighbourhood (one-north is too far!!)

Oh and they have other types of oolong teas too, like Nantou Mountain Spring and charred oolong. But I still want the black sugar.. 😂

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