The latest concept of Keisuke Group featuring a meal revolving around hamburg steak. There are only 2 main sets to order, the prime beef hamburg and the triple cheese beef hamburg. However each main entitles you to their impressive salad bar that probably stole the highlight of the show. With over 20 items to choose from and an egg station that prepares your eggs just the way you want, it's definitely hard to discipline yourself to wait for your hamburg to arrive.

The hamburg steak was incredibly tender and juicy. The cheese that oozes out tops that up a notch. Have one big mouthful of it, then slump back and just savour the moment. I can't help but let out a sigh of guilt as I just had a workout session before this 😰but the overall lunch was just too good.

Lucky for me (and probably the factor to have this for lunch) that the queue was just starting to grow. I had about 3 people in the queue in front of me. I would suggest to come during lunch and avoid dinners if possible as it's hard to imagine the dinners to stay too long during lunch hours, thus making the queuing less painful.