A week ago, my parents and I were invited to have dinner at the newest @yunnanssg. To celebrate the opening of their third outlet (it’s in @nex.singapore), ten NEW dishes have been created. They are exclusive to this outlet until end October 2020. After which, they can be found on the menu at the other #Yunnanssg restaurants too.
One of these new items is the Steam Pot Chicken Soup with Yunnan Red Mushrooms ($13.90 for individual serving). It’s fragrant but I prefer the version with Matsutake Mushroom ($14.90).
Another was the Deep Fried Pork Fillet with Homemade Spicy Dip ($9.90). We couldn’t stop munching on the crunchy meat, especially after dunking them in the garlicky, spicy and sour green sauce.
The Crispy Duck with Dried Chillies ($15.90) was the third new dish we had and it was also marvelous. Featuring fresh duck deboned by hand and cut into strips, it was stir-fried with chillies from Yunnan's Qiubei county and crispy broad beans. The result was mouthwatering in fragrant spiciness .
We enjoyed the fourth, a Poached Seabass in Spicy Pickled Vegetable Broth ($28.90) immensely as well. Two of Yunnan's mustard greens in pickled form were used to superb effect in the soup base here, along with pickled and freshly ground fresh chillies.
Although it’s been on the menu since Yunnans arrived in Singapore, I‘d never tried the Beef Stew in Copper Pot till that day. And I liked it a lot as the gravy was wonderfully spicy, the sliced meat, tender, and the vegetables (both fresh and pickled), were aplenty.
Hitting all the right notes as always was the Poached Pork Collar. My parents and I have never not ordered it whenever we visit Yunnans in Jewel Changi, the outlet closest to us.
We also sampled the new dish of Sautéed Asparagus with Mushrooms and Golden Fungus ($14.90). Sourced from the highlands of Yun Nan in China, the latter is purportedly good for complexion and immunity.
Hailing from the same region was the Wheat Pumpkin ($7.90) - its texture a cross between a pumpkin and a gourd. It was served grilled to acentuate its natural sweetness, and topped with special spices.
Inspired by our local Fried Hokkien Mee, the new Stir Fried Yunnan Rice Noodles with Assorted Seafood 海鲜虾汤炒米线 ($12.90) was rich in umami-ness thanks to the use of @yunnanssg’s signature prawn broth. What made it extra irresistible to me was the killer housemade Sambal Belachan it came with.
For dessert, @chua.reuben recommended us the house-made Brown Sugar Jelly with Rose Puree ($6.90). Its floral note and gentle sweetness suited us well.
We also decided to add on the humble looking Buckwheat pancakes. Warm and a little fluffy, they had a toasty taste and were delightful with a drizzle of honey.