i chose “very hard” for noodle texture and “light” for the broth! 🍜 i would recommend to go normal for the broth because i feel the bowl lacked the thick meaty tonkatsu flavour i was looking for:(

really didnt enjoy the addition of the mentaiko. while it lended a very mild seafoody taste, the mentaiko could hardly be tasted and mostly added a incompatible spiciness that deviated from the japanese taste that i sought. the soup was thick and coated my tongue, unfortunately it didnt match what i look for :(

the noodles were quite nice - silky with a slight bite; but i can hardly imagine getting any lower than “very hard” for noodle texture. the egg was pretty disappointing and inconsistent! across the table, there were plenty with molten yolks; unfortunately, mine wasn’t one of them 🥺 definitely overcooked and bordering on hardboiled.

the pork was cut thin, tender and tasty though yumyum! recommend going for the tonkatsu broth (normal) instead, really much tastier and satisfying!