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Same same but different

Quiche / pie set $6.50

I was a little upset when Starbucks changed the serving size of the quiche recently . From a full round quiche , now you only get a small sector.

I managed to pass by the cathedral cafe yesterday - a part of saint Andrew’s cathedral and saw the same looking quiches and Shepard’s pie ( but named as beef pie in Starbucks).

So it is probably the supplied by the same “ manufacturer” . For 6.50 , you get a quiche or pie set here - which is very value for money 😊

And yes - the Shepherd’s pie is good . Creamy mashed potatoes sitting atop savoury and well marinated minced beef - Everyday comfort food .

For those of you that don’t take beef , opt for the turkey ham quiche . Pretty generous fillings and moist and eggy .

Sounds like a good deal for a hassle free lunch 😊