Parmesan Cheese Ice Cream was one of my favs 🧀 Cream cheese cracker chunks amidst the cheesey slightly salty ice cream, I was really just a sucker for this flavour, and writing this now I kinda miss it 🤪 .
Milo Dinosaur was basically what was described. Tasted exactly like a Milo Dinosaur but maybe just less thick and more mild! It wasn’t suuuper unique but it did pair well with the cheese! 🤩
Rum and Raisin: more rum than raisin imo, and this was one of the flavours I didn’t really like! :-(
Tried many other flavours like Salted Kaya (actually really GOOD and tasted like the real thing) and peanut butter etc and I must applaud the many unique flavours done by Tom’s palette instead of your usual earlgrey/ thaimilktea etc ☺️

Ig @goodfomood