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I saw the video advertising about the Brunch Buffet and decided to give it a try. The breakfast item was really delicious especially the American Breakfast and Panini.

However, what pissed me off was that the video and their website itself advertised the breakfast items such as Egg Benedict and Salmon Prawn Salad as part of the Brunch Buffet. There is only a total of 7 items which consist of Bulgogi & Mixed Bean Salad, Ricotta Cheese Salad, Soup of the Day, Beef Bulgogi Panini, Spicy Pork Panini, American Breakfast & Egg in Hell that can be choose from. In additional, each item can only order once per person.

This feels like a marketing scam by not advertising things that is not part of the buffet. It is also not stated that each item can order once in the Terms & Condition.

Thanks for sharing!